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August 29, 2013



Pregnancy math is confusing, y’all. For example, you have to add 2 weeks to the date you conceived to actually determine how pregnant you are – so the fetus may be 6 weeks old but you’re actually 8 weeks pregnant. Oh, and let’s discuss weeks vs. months: before I was pregnant I rolled my eyes at people who told me they were 27 weeks pregnant and that their child was 22 months old. I NEED MONTHS AND YEARS PEOPLE. But now that I’m pregnant, I get it. Each week is a milestone that deserves it’s own recognition. And then there are trimesters – which are typically thought of as 3 months each. If there are 4 weeks in 3 months and you’re pregnant for 9 months than each trimester should be 12 weeks. But you’re pregnant for 40 weeks – and 3 times 12 is only 36. So at 18 weeks I thought I was half-way through this pregnancy. But it turns out 20 weeks (aka 5 months) is half way. Meaning I’ll actually be pregnant for 10 months!? WTF?!

So here I am. 20 weeks and this bebe is half-baked. I have some deadlines (new Braid website + a 4th ECourse + A BOOK!) that are coming up around the due date of this little guy. Sometimes 9 months (but really 10) feels like a long time to get used to the idea of bringing a whole other person into your world. But mostly it’s starting to blow my mind that in just 4.5ish months I’m going to have a kid. If you’re a designer you may often try and find the “Apple Z” (undo) button for life. Well, last night I was searching for the pause button.

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My sister generously gave me these oversized overalls she bought for herself on Etsy. It gave me flashbacks to my college days when I had a part-time job cutting fabric for crafters, DIYers, and homemakers at Hancock’s Fabrics. Smug pregnant women* (who would announce they were 37.5 weeks pregnant) would come in freaking out over exact yardage and getting just the right color of pink or blue gingham for the nursery. They were always wearing overalls with Winnie the Pooh on them. I remember thinking, the total snot I was, just because you’re having a baby, which P.S. billions of women before you have done, no big deal, doesn’t mean you have to dress like one. I began to develop a strange bias against pregnant women. I’m grateful that with age has come compassion. Now I know these women were freaking out because A) they were probably hungry and B) freaked out and C) had to be at the fabric store when they probably couldn’t actually care less about the perfect pink or blue curtains. Now I know they were wearing overalls because they’re pretty much the best and in 2002 Pinterest wasn’t around to tell you that pegged legs were rad and that Winnie the Pooh wasn’t ironic enough to be cool.

But for good measure, I made sure my neon pink bra was appropriate exposed enough to scandalize strangers and keep me from feeling like I was dressing myself like an infant.

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Field Notes & Observations: 
• We found out last Saturday that we’re having a boy! We have a few name ideas but nothing picked out. Let me know if you have any ideas!
• I started getting what I think may be Braxton Hicks contractions (aka practice contractions). My sister had them all through both of her pregnancies so I’m not worried about it.
• With that, I’m drinking at least 64 oz. of water a day and taking fish oil supplements to stay hydrated (dehydration can cause these contractions).
• My armpits have become super sensitive. I have crazy razor burn and even waxing doesn’t seem to be much better with ingrown hairs. I’m considering laser hair removal (second attempt) – but I’m wondering if it’s safe while pregnant?
• I had a minor melt down in the Lululemon fitting room – as I was doing the bend over see-thru test – about my growing ass. I remember back in my agency days when a pregnant co-worker told me she felt fat. My response was “WHAT!? You’re pregnant! You look fantastic!” And she did. But now, I totally get it.
• That said, I’m starting to dig the bump.
• I’m realizing that when you see a pregnant woman, and recognize her as obviously pregnant, she’s probably well into her third trimester.
• I could be a lot better about taking my prenatal vitamins – meaning, I kind of forgot about them for a few weeks.
• I could also be better about meditating and sleeping a full 8 hours a night
• I have been dry brushing (good for the lymphatic system, circulation, and cellulite) daily
• I’m also proud of the fact that I’ve been flossing consistently and not biting my nails
• Jeremy and I bought the baby these blocks on Woot this morning. I don’t want to overdo it on toys but blocks like these were my favorite when I was a kid. I couldn’t resist.
*I thought this Garfunkel and Oates YouTube hit, Pregnant Women are Smug, was hilarious when it came out a few years ago. And it still is.

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