About A Boy

August 28, 2013


Pictured above: baby Jeremy

In case you missed it on Instagram, it turns out that Jeremy and I are having a boy! A BOY! It doesn’t change much in how we’ll raise this kiddo. I hope he’ll be an artist & adventurer (like his mom) and a super smart feminist (like his dad). On a more shallow note – it was fun to immediately run out with my mom and sister to stock up on a few ovary-quenching outfits for this little guy.

I’ll share more on the pregnancy front in my 20 week maternity series post going up tomorrow (which I’ve also started collecting in a page of its own here).

In the meantime – we don’t have a name picked out yet! I have a few ideas, but we won’t be naming him until he’s born so feel free leave name ideas in the comments. Who knows … you just might name this baby! 

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