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August 27, 2013


Yesterday I was coaching one of my very favorite clients. I just buzz with energy after our conversations – I hope she does too. She’s a yogi & graphic designer who lives in a bustling Washington, D.C. and really craves space. So I asked her “What is space? What does ‘space’ look and feel like?” She had a hard time answering. You see, most of us have a vague idea of what we want. We want things like “peace” or “inspiration” or “love” or even a “dream job” but we don’t really know what that looks like. So part of coaching creatives is digging down and getting very specific about what those dreams and desired goals actually look and feel like – with all 5 senses.

A great way to figure out what it is you want is to imagine your ideal day. I did a post over on Braid Creative – complete with a downloadable worksheet – to help you figure it out. Then, from there create a Pinterest board (or even a real life moodboard with clippings from your favorite magazines) to start bringing this vague vision of your perfect future self to life. My yogi / designer client found it really helpful to finally put real shapes, forms, smells, and textures to a vague, unformed feeling. She had made her dreams tangible – which in turn makes it achievable. You have to know what it is you want before you can go out and get it. The more specific you can get, the easier it will be to manifest.

My yogi / designer coaching client shared with me a simple but powerful mantra she had been playing around with which is: THIS IS IT. But she didn’t quite know how to use this mantra to achieve her own vision of what life could be. So I coached her to repeat the mantra “THIS IS IT” as she moved through her day – from waking up in her bed, to eating breakfast, to going to her day job, to teaching yoga, to having dinner with friends. If she says the mantra “THIS IS IT” while she’s doing something that is not aligned with her core desires her gut + heart will tell her “NO. THIS IS NOT IT, SISTER.” If she says the mantra “THIS IS IT” while she is in fact on the right path she will feel gratitude and manifest those dreams and goals so much faster than if her accomplishments were going unacknowledged.

This is it. 

I love the THIS IS IT mantra so much that I’ve adopted it for myself as well. When I feel stressed about deadlines I can say “THIS IS IT” and immediately feel thankful that I work for myself and have created an amazing business with my sister. When I let my mind wander to a list of tasks while I’m on my morning walk I can say “THIS IS IT” and instantly be brought to the present moment – and instead of running through my to-do’s I can soak up the sun and appreciate the sounds of the birds in the trees. When I’m feeling rushed to get dinner going I can say “THIS IS IT” – turn on some music and transform the act of making dinner into a moving meditation and time for graceful reflection. And when I’m on the couch playing just one more game of Diamond Mine I can say “THIS IS IT” – put my phone down and snuggle with my family instead.

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