Shop Good & Warby Parker

August 14, 2013


Fact: I visit Shop Good‘s Warby Parker showroom and try on glasses frames almost monthly. Unfortunately, I have perfect vision and zero need for glasses. Shop Good owners (and friends), Audrey & Justin, have promised that they wouldn’t tell anyone if I wanted to get prescription-free frames. I tried to justify it in my mind as just another way to accessorize but a deeper part of me has a hard time faking a seriously disability just to look cool. Last month I even went and had my eyes examined justincase. I spent $250 for a creepy eye doctor to tell me I had 20/20 vision and no need for some rad Warby Parker glasses. Damn.

So last Thursday Jeremy and I hit up Shop Good’s 4th annual Mustache Bash. Sam, a Warby Parker rep, came all the way from The Big City (that would be New York) to OKC for the stache bash … with sunglasses! No prescription needed! We became fast friends when I told her that my baby bump usually disappears after going to the bathroom (yup, that’s how I keep it really real in real life). We chatted a bit more (about things other than poop), she hooked me up with a pair of sunglasses, and we ended our conversation with a hug. That kind of exchange is precisely why I shop local and love companies like Warby Parker. Plus, Warby Parker has a higher purpose – for every pair of glasses purchased they give a pair to someone in need. That’s just good business.

The rest of the Mustache Bash was spent eating homemade ice cream from food trucks, listening to live music, making new friends, and catching up with old ones. We stayed out past our bedtime but it was worth it – seeing a little corner of OKC come to life makes me so proud to call this place home.

I’m wearing Warby Parker Sunglasses in Percey Striped Sassafrass c/o Warby Parker. I rarely accept c/o items here at & Kathleen and all opinions are my own. I just really do love me some Shop Good & Warby Parker. The scarf is Block Shop Textiles.

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