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August 4, 2013


Happy Sunday! We’ve already had a fun weekend full of playing pool and bowling with family. When Jeremy and I were first dating we used to order cheap pizza from a seedy pizza house (I’m pretty sure it’s a drug front) that had a pool table with crooked cues under harsh fluorescent lights. We’d play a game or two while waiting for our pizza – neither of us were very good at it but it’s made for some fond memories.

Anyway, I look forward to chilling out today. Perusing the internet for interesting articles and pinning whatever strikes my eye. Here are some things I’ve been reading this week:


40 Days of Dating
Jessica Walsh (of Sagmeister Walsh) and Timothy Goodman are friends who have decided to take their relationship to the next level with a self-imposed social experiment: 40 days of dating. They have to see each other every day for 40 days and go on at least three real dates a week. The experiment is documented here and it’s about as addicting as a reality TV show! But featuring nerdy rockstar designers. I love a good passion project / experiment. From doing a Whole30 to documenting my pregnancy week-by-week. But 40 Days of Dating has inspired me to find a new project to capture, shape, and share.

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New Moon in Leo (August 6th)
I’ve been feeling really in synch with the phases of the moon lately and love reading about the significance of each new and full moon cycle over at Mystic Mama. This new moon in Leo on August 6th feels particularly relevant:
“This could be the most creative New Moon in 2013. We are being given an outstanding opportunity to make positive changes. This is your chance to live in a way that is appropriate for you. You are to create your life based on your real needs and personal satisfaction. It will not be enough to live for the approval of other people. You will want to live your life based on your Soul-approval.”

Now that’s what I’m talking ’bout! My friend Claire of Vidya Cleanse says that the new and full moons are a great time to do a 1-day juice cleanse to really take advantage of the cosmic energy out and about.

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And here’s a list of other posts that have caught my eye:
• Gabrielle Bernstein: How to Stop Complaining (AMEN!)
• Vidya / Claire Ragozzino: Celebrate Life with this Raw Vegan Orange Chocolate Mousse Cake (Claire made this for me for my birthday – I still dream about it)
• Hollywood Housewife: Up Wristband by Jawbone (I ordered this rad gadget per Laura’s recommendation – I can’t wait to try it out!)
• One of my favorite gal pals, Greer, is giving away a summer photo session! I’m hesitant to do an official maternity shoot (they can be so cheesy) but Greer talked me into it – she’s one of the few people I’d trust to snap pics of me while I’m feeling less-than-photogenic. Like her Facebook page here for more details on the giveaway and be sure to check out her Mama Hussy blog (and rad newsletters) here. 
• The super talented Shauna (aka Nubby Twiglet) shares her path to receiving a design degree from a community college. It’s so important to remember that training and education is only a fraction of the path when it comes to being a designer, photographer, or working creative.

Have a lazy Sunday! Let me know in the comments if any blogs or articles have caught your eye recently. XO

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