22 Weeks | Feeling Good

September 13, 2013



I’m getting to that point where I’m really starting to show – which prompts friends, family, and acquaintances (but not yet strangers) to ask me how I’m feeling. And the truth is I’m feeling good. In fact, if it weren’t for kicking babe and growing belly I would hardly feel pregnant at all. I even took a break from all the baby research and reading to indulge in some cheesy fiction (Gone Girl).

During our daily walks Jeremy and I have started talking about what kind of parents we want to be, our thoughts on schooling (broad stroke philosophical conversations), and child care options (nanny? pre-school? mother’s day out? work part-time?). A lot of it is still unclear – there is only so much planning you can do for the unknown. With that, we’ve found this extra time in our evenings that didn’t seem to exist even a few months ago. It’s as if we’re already starting to make space for what will be.

In other news, Tara and I had a photo and video shoot for Braid Creative this past weekend – I kind of felt like one of those badass movie stars who powers through a shoot and does her job even at 5 months pregnant. It felt good to remind myself that I have ambition beyond baby, but at the same time it was cool feeling my little guy, with kicks and rolls, small reminders that he was still right there with me throughout the day.

Other Field Notes & Observations:
• I’m getting veins in weird places. I have one that has popped out right between my chest and another on my ankle. I’ve always had huge varicose veins on my calves since I was 15 (inherited from my dad) that are only becoming more pronounced with this pregnancy.
• I still get Braxton-Hicks practice contractions. Mostly when I pee, workout, and during sexy times. My entire belly gets rock hard and pointy. It’s fascinating and gives me a little insight as to what it must feel like to be a guy.
• I’ve started getting some random shooting pain in my lower back. I think it’s time to make that chiro appointment.
• I also experienced some round ligament pain which is basically my ligaments along the side of my belly stretching out. It felt like a sharp side stitch but of course I thought I was coming down with appendicitis. Also, when I turn funny or stretch my belly out too much I’ve started feeling almost what feels like tiny tears in my obliques.
• I’ve been superstitious about setting up the nursery too early. But I’m ready for some order in my home. I’m thinking about bringing my sister’s hand-me-down vintage crib home and hanging curtains this weekend.
• I can always sense that the baby is about to kick just before he moves.
• I’m really starting to miss my high intensity workouts, lifting heavy weights, and rock climbing. But I’m grateful that I’m able to be as active as I am now.
• Jeremy has started making up silly songs about my belly. It’s my favorite.

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A few other items and resources to note: 
• My friend Greer is launching a Modern Mama ECourse! I’m looking forward to this one.
• My friend Janette is offering online & offline styling services for design conscious parents with her new business Sun + Dotter! I’m going to be taking her Skillshare ECourse on stylish toys for babies soon – I’ll let you know how it goes.
• We did the branding for MamaSeeds, an online community for modern mamas, almost two years ago! It’s cool to actually participate in it now.
• My entire outfit above is pre-maternity from Shop Good – they also hooked us up with some seriously awesome goodies that I’ll be sharing next week.

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