24 Weeks | Fat & Protein

September 27, 2013



Since I hit puberty my mom has been pushing folic acid on me. It probably has something to do with the fact that she  has been working for the state, for decades, collecting data on premature babies through a maternal and child health program. Sometime within the last year my mom was reminding me of the importance of folic acid – that if I had not been taking the supplement by the time I found out I was pregnant it may be ALREADY TOO LATE. That my baby would already be at a higher risk for Spina Bifida and other neural tube defects. Of course I was all “Yeah, yeah. Whatever Mom.” about it.

I found out I was pregnant on mother’s day weekend. I got my mom a card revealing the pregnancy, and then I immediately went out and bought a bottle of pre-natal multivitamins containing, you guessed it, folic acid (folate actually, to get real specific). I felt a deep sense of regret and prayed to a God I may or may not even believe in that my baby didn’t have spina bifida … all because I didn’t listen to my mom.

Since then I’ve been listening. One tidbit she shared that has particular stuck with me is babies are made of fat & protein. I think about this phrase every time I cook – and I throw in a little extra coconut oil for good measure.

But my very favorite food advice comes from my more superstitious friend Libby, which is feed your cravings. If you don’t, the baby will have the face of the food you’re craving. What the what!? I think of this every time I eat pizza, a cronut, or a bagel.

Other Field Notes & Observations: 
• Jeremy heard the baby’s heart beat with his ear to my belly! I thought that was pretty rad.
• Otherwise, things are pretty much the same. A few aches, a few pains but pleasantly uneventful.

Anatomy of an Outfit:
• Tank – American Apparel
• Maternity Pants – Pea in the Pod
• Shoes – Ballasox
• Crystal – Shop Good

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