Dining Room in Progress

September 17, 2013






The title of this post is “Dining Room in Progress” but the truth is my entire house is in a state of transition – a perfect metaphor for my whole life being in a state of transition. The only room that feels truly complete and comfortable is our living room. It’s cozy, layered, and eclectic – which is how I want my entire home to feel. So I decided to start with our dining room next – which is right off the living room.

First off, we sold the 1957 Haywood-Wakefield mid-century modern dining room table. This was bitter-sweet for me. Our H-W table was the first piece of legit grown-up furniture I had ever purchased – as in, it wasn’t a hand-me-down and it wasn’t IKEA. I’ve had countless dinners and conversations with friends around it. That said, I had a vision for something new – something a little more conducive to daily family dinners vs. the occasional friend dinners. I searched up and down online and off for the perfect dining room table but it just didn’t exist (or was way out of my price range if it did).

That’s where my new friends at Bent came in. I hired Bent owners and designers Chad and Travis to custom build a low, round table made from a local Oak tree. They were collaborative and awesome through the whole process and now we have a solid table that I can imagine passing down as an heirloom piece to my children one day. I wanted a table that felt casual and bohemian but solid and durable. I love the idea of getting cozy on layered rugs, pillows, and throws – I can imagine spending hours around this table talking about life, vision, and travel with friends and family alike. I can even imagine creating new holiday traditions and meals around this table. It already feels like a big part of our home.

But the dining room is still in progress. I’m inspired by Sibella Court’s interior styling book Etc. to bring pieces I love and a “curated clutter” kind of vibe to our space. Another thing I love about her style is that she’s able to make even bright colors feel moody, refined, and atmospheric. So here’s what I have left to do:
• Add more pillows, layer in more rugs, and add a throw or two to the seating area
• Find and hang a new chandelier
• Add more art / visual interest to the wall behind the seating area – my sister found a bunch of drawings my dad did as a kid that I’m excited to hang in this space
• Find a chair and create a sitting nook on the opposite side of the dining room (not shown)
• Bring in a low plant bench under our window for succulents and other collections of things we love

I’ll be sure to share the “after” once it’s done! Then on to the master bedroom, guest bedroom, and baby room!

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