I’m not crazy busy

September 16, 2013


Why is it any time anyone asks me “How are you!? How’s life?”
I respond “Good! Crazy busy. But good!”

Yes, I run a tight ship and I get shit done.
Sure, my calendar is full with deadlines, coffee dates, and client meetings.
Yeah, sometimes I email after-hours and think about “what’s next” for my business, even on the weekend.
And sometimes I feel completely wiped out by all of it.
But I’m not crazy. I’m prolific, organized, and always determined to move forward.
Plus, my long mornings and open evenings are proof that I’m really not so busy-busy.

So this is my vow to eliminate “crazy busy” from my vocabulary.
A promise to trade in a sense of urgency for a practice in patience.
A commitment to recognize the difference between doing it all and having it all.

And when you ask me how’s life, instead of the “crazy busy” fall back, I’ll respond:
Wildly productive and living the dream. 

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