Roast, Poach, Stack, and Plate

September 2, 2013



I’ve been pretty uninspired in the kitchen lately. I’d like to blame it on the heat, a lack of energy, or a lack of time… but the truth is I just haven’t put much effort or priority behind finding new Paleo & pescatarian-friendly recipes, gathering ingredients, and trying something new. But if I’ve learned anything about cooking it is the more you put into it, the more you get out of it – as is the case for most things in life.

If I had to sum up what we typically eat in a day it looks like this:
Sweet potato hash + eggs for breakfast
• Greek yogurt + banana for lunch (or leftovers from dinner)
• Apple + almond butter for a snack
• Fish + veggies for dinner
– Tilapia and bell peppers
– Salmon and broccoli
– Salmon and red cabbage
– Smoked salmon and cucumber / avocado stacks

So yesterday, Jeremy and I were on our typical Sunday grocery run and I started throwing new ingredients in our basket. Portobello mushroom caps, eggplant, spaghetti squash, and bunches of basil were filling my basket. There was no room in our cart for the usual suspects.

When I got home and started to mentally prep for dinner I asked myself “What would Liz Fabry do?”, as I’ve recently been inspired by her Whole30 platings. In my mind Liz was saying “You just gotta roast it, poach it, throw some goat cheese on it, stack it, and plate it.” It’s like she was telepathically sharing with me her secret formula to making any meal awesome.

So that’s exactly what I did. I blended up some pesto (which was kind of a surprising fail in my Vitamix – I should have used the food processor), and roasted some portobello mushrooms. I filled the mushroom caps with goat cheese and added some poached eggs on top. I decided the bed of arugula needed a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ so I added sliced peach to the plate. If I had balsamic I would’ve reduced and drizzled that around the edges – but I made do with what I had. The pesto turned brown before I could get my camera in order for these photographs but I was proud of the beautiful, tasty, and different meal I had made. Jeremy was impressed too – I told him it was purely hormonal – that I was trying to persuade him to stick around, to hunt oxen and protect our family from saber toothed tigers, with beautiful plates of food.

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Here’s a list of foodie blogs that have me feeling inspired lately:
Salt & Smoke – my college friend, Chris, FINALLY started a food blog! I pretty much don’t eat any of the stuff he makes (gluten and meat and whatnot) but his dedication and detail to food and combinations of simple ingredients is beyond inspiring. Check out his Instagram account too. 
My New Roots is a plant-based food blog that I love to look at.
Orangette – I love the way Molly writes about life and food as if the two are entirely inseparable (because they are!). I also love the way she is super unfussy about capturing polaroids or phone snaps of her kitchen creations.

What are your secrets to staying motivated in the kitchen? What are you favorite food blogs?

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