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September 25, 2013







Tara and I recently had a photo shoot / video shoot with Choate House for our site redesign we’re currently working on over at Braid Creative, which is just one of the many projects we’ve got on our “Before Baby Gets Here” list. I felt a little bit like a badass business woman during our day-long shoot. The bump was in no way among the cast of characters and it was no excuse to wait ’til next year. Mid-day I got tired but decided to channel a pregnant movie star (specifically SJP as Carrie Bradshaw), power through, and get the job done.

I’ve observed that many women slow down with pregnancy. Little to no blogging through the first trimester nausea and exit strategies (or “slow-the-eff down” strategies) ensue. But I have been surprised to find that my impending due date feels nothing short of a ticking time bomb to Get It All Done. I’ve booked myself solid with Braid Method and Life Coaching for Creatives clients. Along with our website overhaul, Tara and I are also writing a book and creating our 4th Braid ECourse offering to launch this winter.

I’ve been surprised to find that while growing this babe I’ve also been growing my business into something that’s starting to feel a lot bigger than me. It turns out that I love what I do and that I’m actually kind of good at it. But for someone who absolutely thrives in the blend and the overlap, I have found a need for a little bit of work / life separation. The biggest being that we’ve moved out of our home office and into a dedicated historical but modest apartment space we’ve rented just for Braid. We call it The Braid Nest and it’s just as cozy as it sounds. Beyond that I’ve learned how to say no more often (in work and life) and have limited my email responses to canned replies or just a few get-to-the-point lines. I’ve learned to delegate and have dialed down my sense of urgency when it comes to taking over the world.

The work / life balance doesn’t seem like much of a struggle these days. When I put my energy where it matters, it’s not a tough act to juggle.

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