25 Weeks | Wait Lists

October 4, 2013



My body decided to help me out in my consideration to slow down by getting sick this week. It started as a twinge in my tonsils and quickly turned into what was promising to turn into a full-blown cold. So I canceled a few appointments and social dates, made some carrot soup, drank some coconut water and kombucha, and got lots of sleep. But I found that in slowing down I also had more time to think. My mind started spinning circles around 2 things: work (specifically digital products) and childcare.

I’m fairly committed to letting some things play out as they will. Specifically, around labor and delivery. Sure, I have some preferences around the way I’d like things to go down but I have decided to ditch any and all plans. But in reality some things need planning – because child care options that involve long wait lists aren’t going to patiently wait in sidelines for me to see how I feel about working while baby-wearing. I’m grateful to have a flexible work / life situation but figuring out what I want my work / life situation to look like after having the baby is proving to be a daunting and overwhelming task. Do I hire a nanny (and how do you go about even finding a nanny!?), do I enroll him in full-time day care (even if I take him more part-time), or would a mother’s day out program suffice?

The most ridiculous thing I did this week involving Baby was put him on a wait list for a Montessori school that he will begin attending when he’s 3 YEARS OLD. I followed that up by signing Jeremy and myself up for a diapering class and paying an overdue dentist bill. It was a productive day.

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Other Field Notes & Observations
• Bebe is flopping around in my belly like crazy. It feels about like you’d imagine if an alien was occupying your stomach. Or maybe like a fish flopping out of water. It makes me laugh – but sometimes it makes me slightly queasy – like being on a roller coaster. But hands down it’s probably my favorite feeling in the world right now.
• On that note: I sleep spooning Jeremy and he can now feel the baby kicking him in the back through my stomach all night.
• Jeremy and I went out and bought an Ergo baby carrier (a baby backpack) during a flash sale at a local baby boutique the other day. We also picked up my sister’s hand-me-down vintage crib from my mom’s house the other day. We’ve yet to put it together. Slowly but surely we’re gathering functional items (vs. fun stuff like jackalopes, dream catchers, and teepees) for the baby’s arrival.
• I flew out to Palm Springs last weekend. That means this kiddo has now been to Tulum, Sayulita, Houston, Florida, Michigan, New York, and now California. I’m hoping all this en utero travel is priming him for adventure outside the womb.
• As I move towards the third trimester things are starting to become physically uncomfortable. Bending over (to put on pants, tie shoes, etc.) is becoming increasingly uncomfortable. I’m slower to climb stairs and going from reclining on the couch to standing requires a few dramatic grunts.
• The cold I caught this week didn’t escalate much. Along with pushing fluids and getting lots of sleep, I tried oil pulling (swishing oil in my mouth to draw out toxins) per the recommendation of one of my coaching clients and I think it may have helped!

Anatomy of an Outfit
Vest – Gap (years and years old)
Tank – Alternative Apparel from Shop Good
Jeans – Jeremy’s from Gap
Sandals – tslops from Blue Seven
Bralette – Target

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