28 Weeks | Are We There Yet?

October 25, 2013



I’m like a little kid who is 16 hours into a 24-hour road trip and has started asking “are we there yet” every 5 minutes. And about every 10 minutes this kid is asking to pull over to pee. Oh, and this impatient kid is going to Disneyworld but has been informed that the first day will be spent in the hotel bathroom taking the biggest, most painful poop of their life before they can move on to enjoy The Tower of Terror and Haunted Mansion, which are rides said kid has never been on and is kind of terrified of.

That’s pretty much how I’m feeling at 28 weeks pregnant.

My growing belly elicits the questions “how are you feeling!?” and “do you love being pregnant?” I’m feeling like a kid with mild car sickness with 8 hours left on a roadtrip to take the biggest poo of her life translates to “feeling good!” And I’m not sure I’ll know how to answer if I love being pregnant or not until I have hindsight on the experience. I mean, who knows – maybe this sights along the way will actually be my favorite part of the whole thing. But today… the transition is leaving me feeling somewhat claustrophobic and uncertain.

Field Notes & Other Observations:
• The physicality of pregnancy is starting to set in. My belly is getting bigger leaving less space for things like my stomach, bladder, ribs, and lungs.
• I’m becoming increasingly uncomfortable at night which has been a disturbance to my sleep.  I’m starting to get why people invest in those seemingly ridiculous pregnancy pillows. I think I want one.
• Discomfort and awkwardness aside, I’m incredibly grateful for this experience.
• Baby boy is still moving and jumping around like crazy. Now I can feel him moving from my ribs all the way down to my pubic bone – which makes sense since at this point he’s 17″ long.
• I felt him hiccup!
• We still don’t have a name but our list has been narrowed down to about 10 options.
• I’m tired. But that may not be baby related.

Anatomy of an Outfit
Plaid shirt – JCP
Tank – Gap (maternity)
Leggings – Pea in the Pod (maternity)
Boots – Fiorentini + Baker


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