I’d Rather Be Short

October 29, 2013



I started reading Becky Murphy‘s blog Chipper Things a year or two ago when she started a whimsy illustration series called “I’d Rather Be Short.” 

Now, I wasn’t attracted to these posts because I’m short and I could commiserate. No, no. I was reading because I’d actually rather be short. When I meet online friends offline they often comment or are surprised by how tall I am. I’m 5’9″ – when I’m wearing a heel I can vary between 5’10” and 6’0″. Add in the height of my hair and I’m almost as tall as an NBA player.

Growing up I wasn’t necessarily the tallest girl in class but I was awkward. I had a big nose and bad bangs and was surrounded by girls who were bred to be teeny tiny cheerleaders with good teeth and silky smooth hair. So my height (and inherent awkwardness) made me feel like a big dumb, ungraceful, dog that knew not my own strength. I felt like if only I was short life would have been easier. Then I grew up and realized life is awkward and hard for 99% of all teenaged girls – regardless of popularity or height.

These days, as a grown-ass woman, I’m not stressed or uncomfortable with my height. But I’m not going to lie – I love it when I’m barefoot and Jeremy (who is 5’10”) is wearing shoes. The 1.5″ difference makes me feel small in his arms. And it may make be a bad feminist to say … but I like it. 

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I met Becky at DesignerVACA this past September and my girl crush on her was solidified. Becky is hilarious, witty, and talented – her book reflects that too. And it’s beyond impressive that she was able to take a blog series and launch it into a published book. I’d Rather Be Short hits the stands TODAY!

But I’ve got a copy to giveaway! Here are the rules to enter:
• Tweet or Instagram a reason why it’s great being short using the hashtag #idratherbeshort
NOTE: You can be short OR tall to enter and win! 
• Then comment here with your reason and a valid email so I can contact you for shipping details if you win
• I’ll pick a winner based on my favorite reason. That’s right. No random drawing here, which may or may not be internet illegal.
• You have through Friday, November 1st, 2013 to enter. I’ll pick a winner when I wake up Saturday morning.

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