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I almost put on a cute outfit for this week’s maternity shoot but I decided my workout clothes were a more fair representation of what I’m actually wearing, all the time, these days. Not just because the 4-way stretch comfortably accommodates my growing body but because I still spend a good amount of time hitting the gym. I think it’s a pregnancy myth that we turn into delicate flowers while with child.

Because the truth is … being pregnant kind of makes you a badass. First off, you gain super human abilities. Like the ability to smell danger (or stinky breath) from afar. You also produce up to 50% more blood in your body while pregnant. That means your heart is working extra hard to pump all that volume through your body – it’s like built-in cardio. Plus, carrying around extra weight gains = muscle gains, right? And I hear once you tackle childbirth you gain the kind of courage that can tackle the tallest mountain (hello, Everest.) So when men at the gym tell me they’re impressed that I’m still showing up at 8 months pregnant I want to say “You should be.”

But beyond the physical aspects of pregnancy and the fact that I’m still a total gym rat there is something deeper at play here. Maybe it’s the hormones but I feel like being pregnant is initiating me into a lineage of badass and fiercely feminine women who have paved the way. I feel connected to centuries of badass warrior mommas from all over the world who came (and birthed) before.

Field Notes & Other Observations: 
• Okay, all that badass talk aside there are a few things that make me feel wimpy. Like the daily struggle that is putting on shoes.
• My ribs and sternum are so bruised and sore – it’s incredibly uncomfortable. And for the first time this week I felt the baby moving up under my rib cage. My girlfriend Greer told me her boy lived up under her rib cage for a while and her ribs stayed popped out from her body for a whole year after giving birth!
• Middle of the night leg cramps are no joke.
• This is weird but I love the feeling when the baby kicks / punches my hip bones.
• Mister Scooty Boots has been extra snuggly lately. I think he’s starting to realize what’s happening around here. Or he’s just cold.

  1. Alien Mind Gril

    I love this. And you are right – you ARE a warrior queen!

    This post reminds me of the story of Macha, an Irish goddess. The theory is that a lot of the old Irish deities are descended from historical figures via generations of oral tradition… so she was probably real. The story goes that she was a queen in Ulster, and it was rumored that she was faster than any horse. The king of an invading army challenged her to prove it, and she raced his horses *while in labor,*winning the race and giving birth to twins on the finish line. She was mad at them for having her race under such condition and laid down a curse that eventually led to the death of Cuchulainn (who is kinda like Irish Hercules). The capital of Ulster, Emain Macha, was named after her race and birthing. That was one badass warrior mama.

  2. Hannah

    I love reading your baby series. I know I’ll be revisiting it someday when I end up getting preggers 🙂

  3. I didn’t think it was possible for you to be any more badass than you already are, but I’m so glad you feel that way 🙂 !

    It seems like an amazing experience to go though and I’m so happy for you – I can’t wait for your new adventure!

  4. Bethany

    Leg cramps are the WORST. I can’t eat bananas, so I bought a little bottle of “elete CitriLyte” off of Amazon and am drinking it mixed with water and sometimes coconut water every night before bed. I think it is helping because it’s been about a week since I had any serious cramps!

  5. Jenniferliv

    Good for you hanging at the gym at 8 mos. don’t think I could have done that with any of my pregnancies at that stage.

    So the leg cramps are caused by lack of calcium. I would recommend a calcium supplement for the next bit. It really helped me. I had leg cramps so bad they would wake me up in the night and not let go for like a min or so. I started taking extra calcium and they went away.

    Good luck with this last stretch. It seems to be the longest part of pregnancy!

  6. Stacia

    This is awesome! I definitely view mothers and mothers-to-be as warrior momma, and I find it super encouraging to know that you are still hitting them gym – gives me hope for my eventual adventure in to motherhood.

  7. Kristin

    awesome that you’re able to still go to the gym, I’m days away from my due date and every step is painful due to severe PGP, it sucks big time!

    But I wanted to tell you that magnesium (and calcium as someone already suggested) helps a lot with the leg cramps. Magnesium is also great if you have heartburn, muscle pain etc. during and after pregnancy, especially if you’ll be breastfeeding.

    Good luck! 🙂

  8. Marlena

    WARRIOR WOMAN = you. I know I’ve said it before but I LOVE your pregnancy posts! You motivate me in so many ways but the latest is that I, too, am still working out. Maybe not to my crazy previous abilities but every single day, even when I’m sore or crabby…I am out there. And I swear it helps so much. Can’t wait to see what a ferocious little stud you’ll raise with &Jeremy.

    • I start to get so cranky when I don’t get my workout in! XO to you Marlena!

  9. Love this post! You do feel pretty empowered being pregnant!! This amazing feeling of strength while growing a mini human in your belly 🙂 You go beautiful mama! And I love love love your dreads!

  10. Allison

    The hip punches are pretty cute, but the rib kicks are driving me absolutely insane! My little one’s foot has been jammed under my ribs for a month already it seems like…

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