33 Weeks | Giving Thanks

November 29, 2013



I woke up this morning with a lot to be thankful for. Earlier this week I wrote about being grateful for the little things that are easy to take for granted. But today I’m appropriately using the holiday to be thankful for the big, mind-blowingly amazing things. Obviously, this little baby I’m growing comes top of mind of things to be thankful for. It’s easy to be flippant about the funny side effects of pregnancy – from blaming immodest farts and burps on the baby, to the retro “down there” grooming situation (now I know why women in birthing videos are always rocking a full on ’70s crotch). The bodily changes are as hilarious and uncomfortable as puberty – but all of that aside…  I am so incredibly thankful for this pregnancy. For this baby. And that I get to be his mom.

Field Notes & Other Observations: 
• I went to the midwife yesterday. My belly is measuring at 32 weeks and the baby is positioned head down with his back curved against the left side of my body. I’m supposed to rock on an exercise ball (with my belly button pointing down) to coax his back towards my belly – which is the best position for birthing.
• We’re about halfway through our Hypnobirthing classes. One of my key takeaways this week is to practice “breathing the baby down” (vs. pushing) while going #2. Think about that the next time you go to the bathroom.
• I miss being able to lie on my stomach. Everyone tells you to go see movies and go out to fancy dinners before you have a baby but what I want to tell all my non-pregnant friends is to take a nap or read a book laying on your stomach.
• Jeremy knows I love watching the Victoria’s Secret fashion show every holiday season, so earlier this week he sent me a calendar appointment so I wouldn’t forget. But for some reason I don’t think watching lingerie models stomp down a runway covered in glitter and bronzer will be very good for my self esteem at 8.5 months pregnant.
• My most recent pregnancy craving is oatmeal – Scottish oats loaded with cinnamon, apples, raisins, pecans, and a dash of maple syrup.
• In related news, my chiropractor noticed I had more inflammation in my joints than usual – which made me that much more convinced that eating paleo (grain free) is best for my body.

Anatomy of an Outfit:
• Sweater – (I cut out the tags and can’t remember / not maternity)
• Tee & Leggings – BCBG (not maternity)
• Boots – Uggs

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