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I think one of the myths of the creative entrepreneur is that we never get weekends off. Sure, I’ve had to pull a few long hours here and there for a tight client deadline, or I am so excited about a project (like redesigning our Braid website) that I just can’t help myself from working a couple hours on a Sunday afternoon. But for the most part when I’m off, I’m off. Weekends are sacred. No emails, no writing, no designing. This weekend was no exception – and it was glorious.

But with that, Monday definitely still feels like Monday. So here we are. The very beginning of the week starts with a cup of tea and a look at the schedule for the week. To-dos are determined, meetings are prepped, and days are planned. And that’s pretty glorious too.

What’s your relationship with Monday like?

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Last week I was profiled on Design Sponge’s Biz Ladies series. Over there I share the journey of going from day job, to freelance, to business owner with my sister. Read more here.

I also wrote a post on The Braid Blog about going from doing to teaching – a very cool trend of people helping people that I’ve noticed other creatives really starting to embrace as a business model. You can read that post here.

Finally, our last Braid ECourse for Creative Entrepreneurs for the year will be Dream Customer Catching: Embrace Your Expertise and Attract What You Track. This ECourse is awesome for creatives who feel scattered when it comes to what they do and for who. It will be in-session from Dec. 13-22. As always, & Kathleen readers are invited to take our Braid ECourses for $50 when you register using the discount code ANDKATHLEEN50. Learn more here. 

  1. JILL

    Hi Kathleen! Did you make that cool looking chalkboard? Is it made out of wood?

    Congrats on the baby boy! I am 2 weeks behind you & expecting a boy also. yay for boys!


  2. My relationship with Monday is very similar!

    I *try* and have been trying to stay away from email from Friday afternoons through Sunday evenings. I do like to prep for Monday – or get a sense of the week – on Sunday evenings. If I do see / reply to emails they stay in draft mode until Monday morning because I need that space and boundaries with client work. I love what I do, but the weekends are sacred time for recharging and being my best as a creative entrepreneur.

  3. Laura

    On a good monday I wake up begrudgingly but secretly hopeful and a teensy bit excited for what might happen that week. How the day progresses from there determines weather or not that excitement grows or gets snuffed out! I’m still trucking at my office job, but I actually treasure that 15 minute drive through the country to my desk, especially when I get to watch the winter sun rising over the mountains. Once I’m in the office, my mondays start much the same as yours – taking stock of print drop dates and proofing deadlines and deciding if today will be a coffee day or a tea day!

  4. Kathleen you’ve read my mind again. I bookmarked the new Braid post to read first thing in the morning. Thank you for always being so generous with your knowledge!

    • Jen

      I (obviously) meant to write Jen as my name. Sorry for the typo!

    • You’re so welcome! Happy Thanksgiving, Jen!

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