Bound to Fall in Love


Have you seen the new Kanye West video yet? My love for Kanye is no secret. I’ve written about my obsession with the Dark Twisted Beautiful Fantasy Runaway video / film and this Bound video is no exception. Maybe it’s the wild horses running in slow motion. Maybe it’s the snow capped mountains and pink skies (both of which are pretty much my happy place). Maybe it’s Kim Kardashian’s impeccable hair and gravity-defying bosom. Or maybe it’s all that  unapologetic confidence that has won me over.

What’s your favorite music video right now? 

  1. Jay

    I think the stills from Kanye’s video are quite beautiful but I’m not a fan of the actual video. Last night, I came across someone describing it is a Windows 98 screensaver and I couldn’t help but laugh in agreement.

    There’s something about The Paper Kites video ‘Young’ that I find mesmerizing…

    • Haha! I can’t help it! I love it so much! Maybe I need to actually make it my screen saver.

  2. jessica

    Girl I looooove me some Kanye. He’s a little strange but that’s why I like him…Just incredibly smart and he’s creating on a whole ‘nother level and thats why people don’t “get” him.

    I also have a pretty deep musical love affair with Jay Z. Going to see him in Dec. If you haven’t read his book, Decoded, do so NOW. His artistry is unreal.

    • Phew, I’m glad we’re on the same page here, Jessica!

  3. alicia

    Lol this is funny. I had no idea you were a hardcore Kayne fan. I’m super into The XX right now and I’m digging this video by them

    • The XX is pretty much the sexiest music ever!

      • Lisa

        Yes! It really is. And so versatile, too. I can work to it or get cozy to it. Ha! I’ve been listening to the whole discography on Spotify lately. So good.

  4. have to agree with Jay up there – nice stills, but holy-awful video. (yes to the Windows 98 screensaver! hilarious!)

    • Windows 98 screen savers are totally making their way back! 😉

  5. Liz

    Speaking of “gravity-defying” check out the direction Kim’s hair is blowing in the third photo down…unless they’re riding the motorcycle going backwards, her hair should be blowing in the other direction. Photoshop fail! Haha

    • Haha! These are screen captures – so it’s more of a wind machine fail than Photoshop fail. But if you watch the video it’s so NOT realistic, either way.

  6. jaclyn

    i was REALLY hoping there was going to be a big, “JUST KIDDING!!!!” at the end of the post.

    Nope. No thanks on the Kanye. Have you seen any interviews with him? He’s sort of a master bull-shitter where none of the words he says actually formulate a complete thought but somehow leave people wondering if maybe they just didn’t understand him….

    Not a fan but to each, their own.

    • So not kidding! I have to say though… I don’t really watch interviews with him and have heard less than positive things about him as a person. Now, I’m not saying I want him to be the father of my children but I will listen to his albums on repeat and will (and do) love the art he makes.

  7. Brittan

    I don’t even love this song, but I love the video and love Kanye. It is 100% the confidence, and the fact that he isn’t afraid to say exactly what he thinks and do exactly as he pleases. For awhile I found myself going, “Who is this guy, is he for real?” even though I liked his music. Now I realize that he is one of the realest artists out there, and the media, rather than understanding that he’s a real, honest human who happens to be rich and famous, responds to it by going, “HAHA look at this nut job!” /endKanyeRant 🙂

    • I think that “who is this guy!? is he for real?” is EXACTLY why I like him so much. He’s not afraid to be challenging and to piss people off by being different from the status quo. I think people who do what they want often scare or upset people who could never imagine living life on their own terms.

      I could probably get way too philosophical about it all.

  8. thenik

    Haters gonna hate. I’m not one to love Kayne. But I’m wildly entertained by your enthusiasm. Also, how many flannels is that dude wearing? 3 or 4. Either way, style is impressive.

    • Haha! This sentiment is kind of how I feel about Kanye. I love how much Kanye loves Kanye!

      P.S. I didn’t even notice all the flannels! Now I’m truly inspired.

      • Tara

        Yep, I was taking note of the flannels too.

        Also, girlfriend looks really good for just having had a baby.

        And the motorcycle sex-motions… Pretty bold!

  9. Judie

    I’m an unabashed Kayne supporter. As in, don’t get me started, haters, you’ll surrender. Also, this video is making me reconsider tie-dye.

    • Judie

      Also, I once told my mom I wanted to name a son Kanye West Matthews. Have you considered this name?

  10. Brooke

    YES! I love Kanye. Always have ever since I heard “Through the Wire”. He is a musical & artistic genius in my book. I remember watching MTV Cribs back in the day where he talked about how he can see music & painted a picture of it in high school- it blew my mind. This song is one of my favorites off the new album; it’s more like the old Kanye with the classic beats and overlay of clever lyrics. His themes of confidence (I Am A God), family (Hey Mama), spirituality (Jesus Walks), graciousness (Last Call), AND his OK shout-outs (Gone), what’s not to love.

  11. Rebecca

    Thank you for unabashedly loving this video as much as I do!

    • No shame! I love it!

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