Little Things




As Thanksgiving approaches and everyone on Facebook gives daily #gratitude I’ve been thinking lots about what I’m grateful for. And I’d have to say, lately, it’s been the little things. Fleeting and temporary moments of beauty that can easily be overlooked or taken for granted. Like a good hair day. Or fresh nail polish – before it’s had a chance to chip. Coming home with my favorite flowers from the grocery store. Kanye West and tie-dye. Long breakfasts and slow tea. Late night conversations with old friends that you never want to end. An extra minute of morning cuddles and hard kicks to the stomach (ribs & hips) from a sweet tiny human.

I’m grateful for the little things – the perfectly imperfect, impermanent, and ever-changing little things.

What little things are you thankful for? 


  1. You.

    I’m thankful for you and every other human who opens up their lives and hearts to total strangers without hope or agenda.

    I have embraced the idea of being open and welcoming this year and have had some really beautiful exchanges with people who I have never met and am never likely to meet. I have shared moments with friends that have contained more purity in them than I knew possible and I have allowed my personal relationships to grow deeper without fear of letting people in. I’m thankful for that depth and the rooted feeling that comes of it.

    • Connection and sharing are where it’s at. I’m so thankful to feel safe enough to open up in this space to you all! XO

  2. Renee

    The way my 2 year old puts her hand on my leg when she talks to me. Coffee, everyday. My partner’s morning sickness – horrible – but a constant reminder of baby on the way. Light streaming through the dining nook today. The promise of triple chocolate pumpkin pie.

    • Awww… that’s really sweet. Sending you and yours lots of love. I hope your partner can enjoy some of that triple chocolate pumpkin pie despite the nausea!

  3. I love the Kenya Bound2 song & video also, I love these photographs, love coming here for your wise words (+ baby watch) & I am so full of gratitude for SO many, many things … as Anne Lamott (new crush) says – Help, Thanks Wow ! the 3 essential prayers. I have too much to say Thanks & Wow for, I am so grateful. Happy Thanksgiving you + family xo Susan

    • I can’t believe I haven’t read any Anne Lamott yet. I need to! XO

  4. Not kenya kanye (oops!) so love the intro + the horses & the melody & ….

  5. andee

    My husband. He surprised me at work today and it was so nice to see him in the middle of the day.

  6. The way my newly adopted little dog wakes up in the morning with the cutest little squeaky yawns and how she is is all warm and squishy for a few minutes until she turns into a toothy baby crocodile.

  7. Heather

    I am thankful for a healthy baby girl that was born on 11/12/13 – such an amazing birth experience compared to the one I had with my son.

  8. Olivia

    I am thankful for my amazing sister who has spent almost every day with me and my son for the last 3 months. She’s like his second mom and I couldn’t be happier about that. I’m also thankful for my funny little son’s developing personality–today he watched Thomas the Tank and got so into it! (while bouncing in his chair!). It is the little things. The midnight smiles. The warm bottles. The tiny eyelashes. Grateful for it all.

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