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Time is such a funny thing. In some ways, I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever. At times I’m impatient to get this baby out of my body and can’t wait for January to get here. Other times, I feel like the weeks are flying by a bit too quickly (this week for instance) and feel like I could use a bit more time to prewash cloth diapers, get the nursery completed, and maybe install a car seat in my MINI. I also want to take time to really experience this pregnancy. Unless you’re a constantly knocked-up Duggar it’s a pretty rare opportunity to feel a baby tumbling around in your belly. And of course, I could also use more time to organize, write, publish, and launch all the projects I’ve got lined up before I take 8 weeks of maternity leave off work. And finally, I want to appreciate the time Jeremy and I have together right now – just the two of us.

Field Notes & Other Observations: 
• Just when I thought my bruised ribs and squished lungs couldn’t take much more of my ever-expanding uterus the baby dropped down a little. With that, I’m able to feel him a bit more in my pelvis. Sometimes he sends sharp punches to my crotch and I can often feel his head rolling around down there. It’s pretty amazing the nooks and crannies this baby can get into.
• My body (specifically, my awesome boobies) has started producing tiny amounts of colostrum – this is the nutrient dense stuff that happens before your milk comes in. I’m equally amazed and weirded out.
• With that… I’m pretty surprised by how many people ask me if I plan on breastfeeding. I had NO idea it was such a hot topic before I got pregnant. I also had no idea how complicated it can be. I just assumed boobies + a baby = breastfeeding. No big deal, right? Apparently not. Just like natural birthing and all things parenting I definitely have my preferences, breastfeeding being one of them, but will not strictly adhere to a plan if it’s just not in the cards.
• We’ve been receiving so many thoughtful and special gifts for this little guy. I will be sharing more of those over the next few weeks.
• We still don’t have a name. At this point it’s not so much that we want to meet him to see what he’s like first (though, hopefully that will help us in determining what his name will be) but it’s more like meeting him will give us a pretty hard deadline for making the decision. But based on the reactions I’ve been getting from our short list of possibilities, I can promise you will probably completely love or totally hate whatever we choose.
• Finally, because I’m getting farther along I should specify that these posts go up about a week behind how far along I actually am. So today I’m actually 35 weeks. Which means this baby will be at term in just 2 short weeks!

Anatomy of an Outfit: 
Romper – BCBG (non-maternity)
Leggings – Gap (maternity)
Boots – Fiorentini + Baker
Crystal necklace – Shop Good 

  1. Alien Mind Girl

    I want to thank you again for sharing your journey through pregnancy on here. It is definitely a personal thing… probably because of that I have had little exposure to it and it seemed scary. Your posts on pregnancy and becoming a mother have been beautiful and fascinating to see and has really put it into better perspective for me.

    • What a compliment, Heather! Thank you! I’m so glad I’ve been able to give the experience a new perspective. Going into it I had plenty of my own assumptions and judgments of what pregnancy looked like. Some of those assumptions have proven to be true (for reason) and some judgments have been completely blown out of the water. I’m curious to reflect on the whole thing once I have a little more distance from it.

  2. It always amazes me how fast other peoples pregnancies seem to tumble along. I can’t believe you are so close to meeting your boy face to face! Having done it all before (3 times) I can honestly say that the bit that seemed to take the longest was the last 6 weeks, I think its one of those time slows right before a life changing moment things (ever been in an accident or a fall where the passing seconds of realisation of the situation seem to pass by over a term of minutes rather than the fleeting moments they are?).

    Loving that look on you, total post-apocalypse love. Reminds me a little of some of the styling in the new Hunger Games movie (have you seen it yet? I love it).

    • I know! And when I put the timeline in context of “oh, I haven’t seen so-and-so since I was only X months pregnant” really makes it seem like it has flown by.

      LOVE Hunger Games. The knit body vest / cowl thing Catniss is wearing at the beginning… I need one!

  3. Andi

    How exciting you’re so close!

  4. it’s surprising to hear you getting questions about breastfeeding because nobody asked me! it was almost like it was assumed. or maybe they were so stunned by the home birth, they never got to their other questions ;) just to share: breastfeeding was really tricky at first and super painful for me, but two weeks it (and ever since) it has been a breeze. if it doesn’t work for you by all means, stop, but if you’re just hitting a rough start or a rough patch i wanted to chime in and say it can get better. much better. oh also, i knew that to unlatch the baby from my nipple, i had to put my finger in her mouth to break the suction, but nobody said to do it in the corner! for days i was trying to pull her off as she was just sucking harder and i’ll spare you the results of that, but it was not pretty. so, unlatch with your finger in the CORNER of their mouth! ;)

    • Did you share the fact that you were having a home birth with most people? Or were you ever a little more reserved with that information?

      And yes! I’ve heard that it can definitely be tricky getting started with breastfeeding. I think I’m committed to trying for a solid 8 weeks to breast feed while I’m on 100% maternity leave. If after 8 weeks it’s not working I will be open to reassessing the situation.

      Corner of the mouth! Noted. La Leche League needs to create a breastfeeding ECourse.

  5. Sarah Copeland

    Kathleen! You look amazing! It’s been awhile, but it looks like you are doing awesome. Congrats!!

  6. Melinda

    Hi Kathleen! I’m catching up on a few months’ worth of posts as I haven’t popped over here in a while, and I must say your pregnancy is so very beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for documenting it so fully, as I can see it will be a great resource for future expectant mothers. Thanks for your generosity in sharing and bravery :)

    Stay well.

  7. Alisa

    Good plan, er, non-plan :) I had a hell of a time BFing my first. I’m the opposite of pretty much every other lactating female and am an OVER-supplier, which made things very complicated for both of us. I actually TRIED to quit and switch the babe to formula which, ironically, allowed me time to heal (physically and mentally) and was exactly what we needed to eventually become successful at it. I ended up BFing him for 15 months (and then leaked another YEAR! See? OVERSUPPLIER) You just never know how things will pan out. Can’t wait to hear about your experiences. Now that I’m done with the whole kid thing, I must live vicariously through others ;)

  8. Karen

    The best breastfeeding advice I ever received was “RELAX.” I repeated it to myself constantly for the first three months, which were very challenging (very painful). Seriously, I used my childbirth education/meditation/relaxation methods way more for breastfeeding than for actual childbirth!

    It’s so great that you’re educating yourself so much pre-baby! I wish I had known that breastfeeding, though “natural,” is not necessarily easy. But it did get WAY easier! My daughter and I are still breastfeeding at 27 months.

    Thanks for sharing your preggo journey! I’m excited for you!

    P.S. http://kellymom.com/ is an awesome resource and was a life-saver for me in the early months of breastfeeding.

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