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After finalizing the content and launching my DIY Coaching for Creatives Email Subscription, wrapping up the last of my 1:1 creative coaching sessions, followed by a minor meltdown of my own (ah, the weight of being a pregnant and perhaps an overly ambitious business owner) I kind of feel like not talking about my feelings right now.

So let’s talk about The Stuff, shall we? You see, I have these fantasies of a minimalism and simplicity but at my core I love my things. Surrounding myself with beautifully designed things and aesthetically pleasing objects makes me happy. I went on a pretty serious shopping hiatus for a couple years. Sure, I still bought things but not with the same passion, enthusiasm, or frequency that I once was capable of. Until I became pregnant. I bought a king size organic memory foam mattress. I bought a massive platform bed with a quilted headboard that almost reaches the ceiling. I bought a new car. I bought maternity clothes, that a couple months of hindsight makes clear I didn’t really need like I thought I did.

And then as this baby started to become more real-deal I started receiving and buying all the baby things. And this is more complicated than you would think if you’re not trying to fill your house to the brim with all the decidedly not-so-well-designed baby things. Why so tricky? Two things:

1. You don’t really know what you’re going to need.
I’m so grateful to have momma friends and family who fill me in on what’s what. But every baby is different and responds to different things. So while one friend tells me I NEED a vibrating chair another tells me I need to kind that rocks back and forth. Do I get both? How do I know which is the right choice!?

2. Everything is ugly. Okay. Maybe not baby clothes. I pretty much become a pile of sentimental girly mush when it comes to an adorable tiny onesie. But all the other baby things are clearly designed by people who think parents turn into babies themselves when they become pregnant. Or they cost a bajillion dollars and lack the functionality babies desire. For example:


Of course I wanted the one on the right for $200. But we got the one on the left for $38. I tried convincing myself it was stylish because “it’s like lamb fur! … ?”. I’m willing to spend a pretty penny on good design but not something a baby will use (or potentially not use at all) and be over with in the blink of an eye.

Here are All The Things (or at least a few of them) we have purchased or received as gifts (the generosity of our friends + family and even blog readers is humbling):
• Ergo Baby Carrier – this is the first thing we bought
• Sakura Bloom baby wrap – yup, I’m all about wearing that baby
• Car Seat + Stroller – holy hell. This was really complicated (stroller system? rear facing? weights / sizes? etc.). We almost didn’t even get a stroller but our friends & family convinced us we were being crazy people. We ended up with the Eddie Bauer Target stroller + carseat combo.
• Vintage crib – a hand-me-down from my sister.
• Co-sleeper – we imagine the baby will be in the bed with us for a while, if that’s what we all end up preferring. I debated getting a co-sleeper because I feel confident we aren’t going to smother our baby in our sleep. And what if he likes his crib better and we never use the co-sleeper? See… this is pretty much the dilemma I face with every baby thing we buy.
• Cloth Diapers – yeah, you knew we’d go there, didn’t you? We got a variety of diapers to start off with – just to see which ones work best for us and baby. Our friends-in-the-know hooked us up with disposables for the first few weeks (days?) too. We also had to get special laundry detergent and butt paste so the diapers remain absorbent.
• Diaper hamper bags (full size + travel size) – for the soiled cloth diapers
• Changing Pad – We have a flat pad that we can just lay on the bed + a contoured one that fits on top of a dresser in the baby’s room.
• King Size Mattress Protector – if baby is sleeping with us we’ve got to make sure that brand new organic memory foam mattress is well protected.
• Swaddlers – Again, my friends-in-the-know hooked us up with these.
• Vibrating bouncy seat – as seen above
• Bumpo seat – well designed AND affordable!
• Diaper bag c/o Shop Good – (it’s not really a diaper bag.)
• Baby Books – next to baby clothes, baby books are pretty much the fun and adorable part of buying things for baby
• Baby Miscellaneous – baby clothes, blankets, burp cloths, socks, first-aid supplies, crib sheets
• Momma Miscellaneous – breast feeding things (like a milk storage stuff), belly bandit (for getting everything back in place after birth), birthing things (like essential oils, robes, heavy duty maxi pads, etc.)

Even with all that I still sometimes feel like I’m missing something or am not entirely prepared. But other than doing a good load of laundry, and finalizing the nursery, we’re pretty much ready for baby boy to arrive. My doula promises me that all the baby really needs is some love and a booby (and we all know I got a booby or two for him).

Field Notes & Other Observations: 
• I tested positive for Group B Strep (GBS). This is basically a bacteria common in lots of women (like yeast or any other gut bacteria) – but if passed on to the baby during birth it could be harmful or potentially fatal. So what it means is that I’ll have to take antibiotics during labor to help protect my little guy. I’m also looking into natural solutions for trying to get the actual GBS under control before I actually give birth (though, I’m totally comfortable with and will be taking antibiotics too.)
• Braxton-Hicks Contractions + Cramps – So I’ve been having “practice contractions” for months now. But in the past couple of weeks they’ve started feeling more like period cramps.
• Gradual Changes – I met with my doula (whom Jeremy and I both love) this week and she told me that changes from here are going to be very gradual – and that eventually those gradual changes will lead to labor. It’s interesting to think that the process begins way far in advance when movies + shows depict it as a clear line between pregnancy + labor.
• Moon Cycles – Okay, so my doula also told me that the moon phase you were born under, or conceived the baby under, is likely the moon phase you’ll give birth to your baby under. With that, I predict baby boy will get here around Jan. 11. I also charted it out for one of my pregnant mama friends and her predicted due date aligned with her moon phase!
• Working Out – I’m definitely taking more breaks and getting more easily winded when working out. But still going strong on the daily!
• Little Ninja – So the baby is still moving around like a ninja. I can feel him all the way down to my pubic bone, at both of my hips, and then up into my ribs. All at the same time. I think if I miss anything about being pregnant it will be feeling the baby move around. I love it. I also like to comfort him by patting his little back when he gets the hiccups.
• Kick Counts – At this point I’m supposed to be tracking the baby’s movement and make sure he’s kicking at least 10x per hour. I would be a neurotic mess and probably always at the hospital to get a non-stress test (for baby) if I actually did this.
• Sleep – it’s getting more difficult.

Anatomy of an Outfit:
• Shirt & Dress – Blue Seven (not maternity)
• Shoes – c/o Tieks

  1. Olivia

    So close!

    I had a ALOT of antibiotics during labor for a heart condition and ended up with a horrible yeast infection…MAKE SURE to take your probiotics! It helps a ton!! :)

    • Kathleen

      Oh man! Noted! Loading up on probiotics + kombucha now.

  2. Carlee

    I tested positive for group b. My midwife gave me the option of antibiotics or using hepa cleanse. It’s actually a soap surgeons use and you douche with it as you get closer to labor and when you are in Labor. I had my baby at home so that was more convenient and preferable. You can get the soap at most convenience stores. You can email me if you want to know more! Good luck!

    • Kathleen

      Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll ask my midwife about it. (And will definitely email you if I have more questions). XO

  3. Melanie

    I just had my second son, Issac, on December 11th through natural birth (birthing ball, jetted tub, etc) and I can honestly tell you that it gets much better once he’s here. He’ll let you know what he needs, when he needs it. You’ll do fine!

    • Kathleen

      Jeremy and I keep reminding ourselves that we can collect things we actually need as we go. That’s why I’m not investing in breast pumps, bottles, etc. until he’s here and we all figure it out together.

  4. Renee

    I have found so many great things at Once Upon a Child stores in OKC – gently used bebe stuff. It feels good to get some of those larger items (and smaller ones) for a deep discount. I’m getting so excited to “see” your boy!!!

    • Kathleen

      Oh, good call! Not having had a baby I didn’t even know these stores existed!

  5. Ravyn

    For the Step-B, I’ve been taking Femdophilus (it’s a probiotic) since 20 weeks or so. While it won’t make the strep go away, it does create a healthier gut which inhibits it from taking root. So, if yours were to go away (not sure if it can at this point), the probiotic could keep it away! Also, a great idea to take the probiotics while on the antibiotics to avoid a yeast infection.

    And, good for you for not doing the kick counts. My midwife said it’s a bunch of BS, and cause for panic. We know how our babies move, and that’s the best indicator!!

    • Kathleen

      I regret not being better about taking my probiotics through this whole pregnancy. *sigh*

      I was talking to my mom about kick counts earlier today and she said that you while you may not be 100% aware you have a constant connection with your baby – and you’ll notice if things aren’t quite right. I tend to agree with her.

  6. A kick count – who has time for that right? But speaking as one who made a real mess up on this (and I think its fair to say that’s a pretty big understatement) – keep an eye that little ninja is still busting his moves loads. Having done the alternative, I’d take neurotic mess any day and did, twice (after learning the hard way).

    • Kathleen

      Again, I’m so sorry Nicole.

      I think awareness and intuition is key. I’ll definitely stay in-tuned with what baby is up to over the next three weeks.

  7. Jen

    You look amazing, Kathleen!! I can’t believe that you are due soon, it seems like you just announced you were pregnant yesterday. I hope you and Jeremy have an amazing holiday!

    • Kathleen

      Ha, I feel like I’ve been pregnant FOREVER! Happy holidays right back atcha.

  8. Martha

    I was GB-strep positive for both of my home births (in Canada) and chose to treat with antibiotics based on risk factors (mainly water broken for >12 hours). I did not end up having antibiotics with either because my labors were short enough. For my second, I also used a garlic clove up the hoo-ha protocol…there are some people I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing that with but you seem like a kindred spirit in that respect. :)

    • Kathleen

      I’m curious about this! My mom and sister both had short labors so I was even thinking “What if the midwife doesn’t get here in time for antibiotics” or will they even make it to the baby in time if I have a super quick delivery?

      And you know I’m always up for some garlic-up-the-hoo-ha talk. Doesn’t that help with yeast infections too? I also wonder if garlic pills (as a suppository) may be an option too? I’m going to go check out that article now!

  9. Misty

    Look at that bump! You look fantastic. Relax and have some fun, you’re going to be a fantastic mommy.

    • Kathleen

      He’s a-growing! The house is ALMOST in order enough to chill out. Ha. XOXO

  10. Cheryl

    Just curious, what mattress did you buy? My husband and I would really like to get an organic one, but they’re hard to find and there’s not many reviews to base a decision on.

    • Kathleen

      I actually got a Savvy Rest per YHL recommendation:

      We got medium / medium / soft. I kind of wish I had gone with a medium / soft / soft combo just because it felt a little more firm than I was anticipating. So I got a pillow top for it as well just to make it a little more cush.

  11. Jen

    You look beautiful Kathleen. I loved co-sleeping with Chloe. We actually side-carried her crib and it worked great – she slept in her crib and it was still easy for me to lean over and breastfeed. Happy holidays. It’s going to be such an exciting year for you! P.S. We Capricorn babies are pretty easy-going ;) Eek, less than a month away now! xo

    • Kathleen

      Oh, thank you Jen. I’m curious to see how co-sleeping works out with our little guy.

      And I’m sure my little billy goat is going to bring me lots of lessons to learn!

  12. Kelly

    All the best for your last few weeks! I’m a midwife in Australia following each update eagerly. We use tea tree douches over here to combat the GBS (either alone or in combo with the antibiotics in labour).

  13. Margie

    The co-sleeper was one of the best things I purchased. I ended up having a c-section and I felt better having the baby next to the bed because I was just in pain afterwards. Also, I was terrified of going into a deep sleep and oh boy. Right now, the co-sleeper has been passed on to a family member who will be having their baby soon. It’s the third baby it will see. I’m all about passing stuff on and getting stuff used.

    You look wonderful.

  14. Heather

    Oh the things… until the baby is actually here it’s so hard to know what they’ll need and actually use. I love my Sakura Bloom sling, but my son hated it… so I’m hoping our daughter will love it this time around. We also have a swing that our son liked, but now our daughter isn’t fond of. We bought a gently used Arms Reach co-sleeper, and I’m so glad we didn’t buy new because our son hardly slept in it and our daughter is the same… looks like she’ll just be sleeping between us for the next 6 months, but hooray for being able to get rid of bulky items that take up a lot of room?? :p Good call on waiting until baby is here before buying absolutely everything that you could potentially need… I wish we had done the same!

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