37 Weeks | The Count Down Begins

December 28, 2013



37 weeks means that, according to statistics, I can pretty much birth a thriving baby at any point starting now. So it could happen later today. Or it could be 3 weeks from now. Even as I’m becoming increasingly uncomfortable, I’ve also found myself at times feeling surprisingly patient for the arrival. I’m ready / not ready. I’ve found myself with spurts of energy to get the house in order* and parenting books read – only to be coupled with a dose of denial and procrastination (What? I need a hospital bag? And a printed & signed birth plan?).

I also am very aware of each meal possibly being my last before baby. I ask myself “Will this obscene amount of caramel corn I’m eating give me the energy I need to push a baby out?” I’ve been battling the Christmastime sugar demons with eggs & oats in the morning and salmon and veggies in the evening. I also have been cautious about what color to paint my nails – I’m just not sure I want to bring our baby into this world with disco glitter nails. (Or maybe I do!?) Important decisions to be made, my friends.

Field Notes & Other Observations
• The baby has dropped and is in prime position to be born. His head is right where my pubic bone is. My midwife spent a lot of time with me yesterday showing me where all of his body parts were. It’s so cool to know where to pat his little bottom when I can feel him with hiccups.
• The baby is measuring on target – everything is progressing as it should.
• I don’t spend much time talking to the baby at all. I’m constantly thinking about him and rubbing on my belly or responding to his movements but I don’t read to him, talk to him, or put headphones on my belly. (I’m also not one to talk to my cats or to myself when I’m alone).
• I’ve been getting nauseated and super crampy in the evenings. The cramps feel like period cramps that start low in my abdomen and wrap around my back. I’ve been soaking in Epsom salt baths every evening and that seems to alleviate any discomfort.
• So, the more I read (and hear) about breastfeeding the more complicated and confusing it seems. I feel like the attitude towards having birth preferences is to remain flexible to whatever can happen but the attitude toward breastfeeding is that you better keep trying and stick with it no matter what happens or your baby will grow up to be an undernourished sociopath. That said, I’ve decided to hope for the best and remain flexible.
• Right now the baby is still moving around like a champ. Though, his sharp jabs have begun to feel a little more like rolls.
• He still doesn’t have a name. I think people think we’re keeping it a secret, but truly we just have no idea. Again, we have a short list of about 5 names that we’re seriously considering (Spike included). But again, I can’t even decide what color to paint my nails right now, much less name a baby. So we’re going to wait to greet him into this world before we commit to anything.

*Note: Jeremy is actually the one getting the house in order. He’s been amazing at getting stuff done around here.

 Anatomy of an Outfit:
• Vest – Patagonia
• Flannel – JCP
• Tee – BCBG
• Leggings – GAP (Maternity)
• Boots – UGGS

P.S. As of right now I’m more like 38 weeks pregnant. Which is significant when it comes to the count down.


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