DIY Coaching for Creatives Email Series

December 19, 2013


I’ve now been doing branding & consulting for creative entrepreneurs for 2.5 years through my business at Braid Creative. About a year ago I noticed a significant overlap between the personal and the professional. The things going on in one’s personal life was affecting their creative career and vice versa – either for the better or the worse. So last spring I decided to shift my own professional focus by diving into this overlap. Sure, I was still doing branding and consulting – but I also invested in life coach training from Martha Beck. Not to mention, for fun I was reading ALL the self-help-for-creatives books like Daring Greatly, Finding Your Way in A Wild New WorldThe Happy Project, The Art of Stoic Joy, The Power of Now, Fear & Uncertainty … I could go on.

I wasn’t entirely sure how life coaching would fit into my current business model and expertise over at Braid Creative – but I became passionate about it and rolled with it. It became clear after I started one-on-one coaching that I was still attracting the very creative entrepreneurs I serve over at Braid – bloggers, writers, artists, designers, photographers, and even other coaches.

After I received solid training from Martha Beck and her master coaches, I was able to blend what I learned from her with the methodology we use at Braid to really dig deep to create my own Coaching for Creatives approach and style. I started taking on 1:1 coaching clients, and after jamming weekly with dozens (35 to be exact) of individuals some patterns quickly began to rise to the top:

• Every person I coached wanted to be writing more – whether that’s journaling, blogging, or writing a book
• They also desired making things with their hands – from art, to food, to crafts
• Each creative craved a bit more structure and routine in their daily grind – they saw a need for better managing their time
• Each creative I worked with desired peaceful morning rituals and routines – they recognized that a good morning sets the tone for the rest of the day
• I was surprised to find that about 50% of the creatives I coached still had day jobs – which just goes to show that they were driven to live what they love even if it wasn’t a full time creative career OR needed help devising a game plan and the confidence to make the leap
• Everyone desires more time, space, and /or money – but what that time / space / and desired income specifically looks like is pretty unique to each person.
• The most overwhelmed or scattered creatives I coach are the ones who can’t get specific about what they want – so then it’s about asking the right questions to uncover that vision

As a creative coach it is my job to use the tools, exercises, and my own intuition to help these creatives get specific about their vision so they could move forward with designing their life and live what they love. It’s also my job to hold space and a mirror up to these creatives – to show them the roadblocks and vision alike that they’re uncovering for themselves. I love coming together to brainstorm how to jump hurdles and day dream about what could be.

But there are only so many hours in the day. And a lot of creatives I want to help don’t have $800 to spend on one-on-one coaching with me. And I can only go so deep with the Coaching for Creatives blog series I’ve been posting. So with that I’ve developed a DIY Coaching for Creatives Email Subscription series.


The DIY email subsciption is great for self-motivated creatives who need a little guidance in dreaming, scheming, and taking small steps to design the kind of life they want to live – from the daily routines to the big picture. These emails that come straight to your inbox will prompt you to explore the kind of work and life you want to live through daily emails, worksheets, journaling exercises, meditations, and mantras. Sure, it can get a little “woo-woo” but we’ll also be covering very practical approaches to establishing daily routines, goal setting, and time management.

The cost is $40 and here is what you’ll get:
Learn more and subscribe here. 

Unlike our Braid ECourses which run on a monthly schedule, you can subscribe and receive this subscription anytime.


P.S. I’ve been getting lots of questions about when I’ll be available for 1:1 coaching again – it won’t be until late spring or early summer 2014. I’ll have extremely limited availability so if you’re interested in securing a spot in advance contact me here.

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