Last year I took a different approach to making New Year’s resolutions by picking four words to drive me through 2013. They were illuminate, radiate, liberate, and hydrate. The first three words were a little more conceptual and open to interpretation as I narrowed in on my purpose in my own business and life. The last, hydrate, was a bit more literal. Here were the intentions I set for “hydrate”:

Hydrate // I’m thirsty for knowledge, story, travel and adventure. I also need to drink more water.

But as 2013 comes to an end “hydrate” has become way more meaningful and impactful than I ever imagined it would when I set that intention this time last year. In fact, “hydrate” may sum up what 2013 has meant for me.

Most of my travel in 2013 was very beach-centric. In Tulum, Mexico the ocean, under a full moon in Scorpio, reminded me that we’re all connected. In Sayulita, Mexico playing in the ocean was the only thing that could get my mind off a good bout of morning sickness. In Seaside, Florida the ocean became a playground for my growing family. These connected bodies of water gave me a lot to think about when it comes to the concept of hydration as it applies to my life.

So literal hydration has been a goal of mine this year. I used to go days and barely have an 8 oz. glass of water. So I bought myself a 16 oz. water bottle and made it a goal to start drinking at least 4 of those a day (64 oz. of water). At first it just felt like such a task to down a bottle of water. But as silly as it sounds, it got easier and I got better at it. I pee all the time but my skin looks great. I’ve experienced very little swelling and bloating throughout my pregnancy – and I give credit to the water. I probably don’t really need to go into detail as to why water is good for you, but I’ll reiterate here – the H2O is kind of magical.

Moving into 2014 I want to up my daily water intake to a gallon (128 oz.) a day. I think I may need a bigger water bottle. In 2014 I want to continue to be a sponge for experience, adventure, and life as it comes my way. I’ll also be brainstorming a few new words to focus on in the new year that I’ll be sharing later this week.

If you had to pick one word to sum up 2013 what would it be? What are some of your words for 2014? 

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  1. Love the idea of narrowing my goals for 2014 into single, simple words. I am going to figure mine out for the year & post them as well… Thank you so much for sharing! Good luck on pushing out bebe, can’t wait to hear what you name him:)

  2. Jessica

    I have been splitting my goals into quantitative (reading 50 books, watching 50 movies) and qualitative (… cricket noises) for the upcoming year. I’m definitely going to borrow the 4 word idea! Happy New Year, Kathleen. Are you excited to bring an earthbound Capricorn baby into the world or what?!

  3. Megan

    I’m a pick three words for my year type of girl.

    For 2014, I’m going with: Plan-Conquer-Reflect.

    I have quite a few resolutions I’ll be working on, but they’ll all be framed around those three words.

    • I love it! I love how plan speaks to the future, reflect honors the past, and conquer is about taking action!

      • Megan

        Yes! That’s exactly what I was going for. Leave it to you to sum it up perfectly.

        Plus the whole conquer thing makes me feel badass.

  4. Rory

    Ah, I remember your economical (word wise) resolutions! Glad they worked out for you 🙂

    I think I’m setting new year’s moderations instead of resolutions this year. Viva la grey area!

  5. Canine. I lost my two old dogs in July (both 14) and adopted a new dog who has taken my life in unexpected directions.

  6. Anne

    Unfortunately 2013 was filled with procrastination, stress, and imbalance. I seriously need to get things in order! So my three words (which maybe count as two?) for 2014 are kick ass and relax.

  7. Ramona

    I think in retrospective the word for 2013 was Identity. I know it’s a big word but it is something that I have found. I set on a 2 1/2 months journey to finding myself and finding my calling. The purpose of me being here and I did. I know who I am and where I am going.
    For 2014 I yet have to define these words…
    Thank you for your words and the challenge.

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