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When Jeremy and I first got together I was a self-proclaimed dog person. I straight up didn’t like cats. Not even kittens (and their tiny sharp claws). But I fell in love with a bonafide cat person who quickly moved in with two adolescent litter mates who were just over 6 months old. Enter Mister Scooty Boots and Dinahsaur. The cats (and the chores that come along with having cats) were very much Jeremy’s. I’m not sure if it’s the cooler weather or perhaps primal intuition informing our cats that big change is in store for our household, but they’ve both been extra cuddly and sweet lately.

Just yesterday, five years after this dog person here started sharing residence with two cats, I found myself in an after-breakfast cuddlefest with Mr. Boots.

I just didn’t know I could love a cat so much.

Dogs are easy. They’re emotionally available, needy even, upon first meet. It’s great for making fast friends. But cats… Cats need time – years even – to let their love make its way through that cool and detached facade. Or maybe it was just me who needed that much time to warm up.

P.S. Photos are from Jeremy’s Instagram feed – which features mostly grainy black and white photos of our cats. 

P.P.S. If you are a cat lover check out the hilarious 2014 calendar of cats in costumes paired with classic literature quotes from Sarah Von Bargen. There is also the downloadable cat calendar (a dog version is available too!) from Design Crush featuring bloggers’ cats (including Mister Scooty Boots as the cover model!). 


  1. Naurnie

    So, I hate cats. I’ve only ever liked two… One was a wayward pregnan garden cat who made her way into my mother’s garden when I was a child. We didn’t know she was pregnant and she gave birth to a shit ton of kittens in the attic above our garage on my prom night. The kittens fell down in a wall and my mother fished them out with a broom handle with a beach net duct taped to the end. All of the kittens were fine and found good homes. The other is my best friend’s cat and she is just dumb and lovable. Kinda like a dog.

    I guess maybe most of my cat experiences have ended poorly. They seem so… unpredictable. I am wary + distrustful. However, we discovered recently that our dog (the beloved Truman) and my sister’s dog make the baby laugh. So I’m suspecting she’s a dog person, too.

    I love Jeremy’s Instagram, though. The man has style.

    • Jeremy suspects that I’m still not necessarily a cat person. That I’m a Mister Scooty Boots person. Ha! And I’d say I like that Boots kind of acts like a dog, truly.

      And I still love dogs! (But I have become less tolerant to dogs who jump up on me or lick me or sloppily clean their butts next to me.)

      • Katie F.

        I can’t not comment since my world is small reading one of my high school gal pals chatting cats with you, Kathleen. I’ve also only really loved 2 cats before. Sounds to me like (truman aside) you guys need a Keeshond. Herman is a dog, but acts more like a cat in the fastidious cleaning butt/body parts out of sight, but cleaning feet 37 times a day in view way. And nervous and a bit standoffish lsike a cat, but mostly just loveable and impossible not to like. And once you get to know him, you’re in his heart forever. Good stuff, all this pet love, any way we get it. Lauren, your SG is a beautiful baby, and Kathleen, I can’t wait to “see” your little fella before too long!

        • I love how small the world keeps getting. Lauren became an real-life friend when my bestie moved to Durham!

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out! Putin sends his love ;)

  3. Margie

    I have 3 cats. The 2 boys are suckers. They gave me their love (upon birth) easily. My girl, Bitty Girl, and a black cat, she loves only me. She has learned to tolerate my son. Yesterday, after months and months of pestering, she swiped and scratched his arm. I couldn’t blame her since he was trying to eat her ear. She makes you work for her love and attention.

    • We have a boy and a girl cat. The boy is definitely more lovable. I’m thinking the girl may need another 5 years. ;)

      • Margie

        I hope you keep us posted at to how the cats react to the bebe. Our 3 have never hissed and they take his hard hugs and kisses pretty good until the scratching incident on Sunday.

  4. Heather

    Our cats always got more snuggly the closer I got to giving birth to our kiddos. Not sure why, but they can definitely sense that change is coming. Granted, now they’re a tad jealous, and one of our cats absolutely hates our son and now Baby #2. She likes to crap on our floor to show her disdain. Oh joy.

    • Oh man! I’m so anxious to see how our cats respond to our little guy once he’s here.

  5. MJ

    I’m a total cat person. My roommate and I have shared 2 sister cats for the past 3 years and she was always their favorite human. I was terribly jealous but that’s just the way things were. Well, my roommate moved out just before Thanksgiving and the cats have quickly converted to my side. One sleeps on my bed and covers all of my belongings in her fluffy fur. Quite messy but I love it! Although, I figure that they could leave me for a new person at any minute.

    • Ha! The cats both favor Jeremy, for sure. But I kind of like it that way.

  6. Cheryl

    I’ve always been a cat person and had several growing up, but never have I experienced a cat like my Bowie. His name alone is what made me follow up on the Craigslist ad for a free cat to a good home. I didn’t know then that I was adopting the most loving, cuddle obsessed cat ever. I’ve never known a cat with such a demand for attention, or desire to spoon you for hours in front of the TV or in bed at night. The only downside is that once he starts purring he starts drooling.

    • Bowie is such a good name! Perhaps for a baby? Hmmm…. ;)

  7. I was the opposite! I had dogs all my life growing up but I was most definitely a cat person until I rescued Lucille. She’s the one who chose ME at the shelter and now we’re pretty much combined at the soul. I still totally love my cats, one is sitting on my lap as I type actually, but I really love my Lucille. I think it’s because, you’re right, dogs are easy and Lucille NEEDS me lol. My cats have no loyalties. We’re all just servants to them haha!! …which kind of makes me love them more. My oldest kitty is 19 years old now and she’s going to take a small piece of me with her when she goes. She’s the cat that made me the crazy cat lady (with a dog child) I am today.

    • Oh, Rochelle! I think you’re just a lover all around!

      It’s definitely easier to bond with dogs. They just connect in a different way than cats.

  8. Stacia

    My husband and I are the reverse of this. I NEEDED a cat and he really didn’t care for them. Now I think he might secretly love our cat more than I do. Even if not, I appreciate how he’s let Max live with us and loves seeing me love my cat.

    • Yes! I LOVE seeing how much Jeremy loves the cats. No matter his mood or how busy he is if I yell across the house “Come look at Boots!” he’ll get up to see what he’s up to. It cracks me up.

  9. Oh, I am so with you! I was such a dog person before meeting my husband. But now that we’ve got a cat of our own I’ve become so much less tolerant of dogs and I think our cat is just the cutest darn thing ever (after our little bubba of course!).

    It’s so sweet to see her playing so gently with Henry (whereas with us, she totally lets loose). It’s as if she knows he’s small and helpless. I can’t wait until they’re fully interacting – and maybe even taking naps together! I will just die. I know it.

    Maria xx

  10. Kayla

    We made a Brady Bunch when Nate moved in with his two kitties and my THREE dogs. I’ve always been allergic to cats and very much so a dog person BUT, like you, I’ve come over to the kitty side as well AND it’s freaked my dog family out when I go to visit them because my kitty heart now loves pretty much all cats. I’m no longer allergic either. I’ve done a 180 hehe. Dogs will always be my fav animal though but I love our crazy furry Bunch! I also adore how my dogs are sweet to his kitties but still hate stray cats.

  11. Jen

    I started appreciating cats last summer when I helped rescue one, I think strays have a way of working their way into your heart. She is the sweetest cat and luckily is with my mom, who appreciates her quirky ways. I love when I hear how people become a “cat person”, it’s usually a sweet story since cats are not as overtly endearing as dogs are.

    Also, I have to share this video about cats and dogs, I think it perfectly defines each personality (and it’s hilarious)-

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