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Every year around Christmas time Jeremy and I pick one or two local stores and do ALL of our holiday shopping there. I would recommend this for anyone who is busy, crunched for time, or wanting to support their local community. Shop Good is the store we always hit up first for our Christmas shopping.

Our friends Justin & Audrey own the store and I cannot give them enough praise for what they’ve created – a carefully curated store filled with fair trade and ethically made goods that is warm and welcoming (never snobby – I hate when stores feel too exclusive) – plus a portion of each purchase made goes back to a charity. Now you know why it’s called Shop Good.

When Shop Good invited me to put together a gift guide for them this year I was more than happy to oblige! Above are my picks which are all available in-store and online. Including hand-made jewelry by my favorites Merl Kinzie and Amanda Bradway. You can check out and purchase anything from my selection here.

UPDATE! Shop Good has offered And Kathleen readers a 20% discount using the code ANDKATHLEEN when checking out. 

P.S. This is not a sponsored post. Just a store I love and truly believe you should check out. 

  1. Yeah, there’s not anything in there I wouldn’t want. Actually I could leave the braces as I don’t really think I could pull them off and the Mr definitely wouldn’t suite them.

    I’m in love with the Stargazer dress that is also on the site and really wish that tool bag was just a lil larger as I’ve been hunting for a great overnight bag for ages and if this were just a bit bigger it’d be perfect.


    Next years list is gonna look a lil different, bambino treats and all.


    • Also… I think as matchy matchy and cliche as it may be, you and the bambino should definitely step out in “can’t steal our thunder” tees. Perfect sentiment for how together and unstoppable you and the babe are going to feel once you get the hang of each other.

  2. I know Amanda! She’s a friend of my husband’s, and I noticed that exact necklace in the back room at dna when she was giving us a tour of her studio space. It wasn’t even marked yet, but I bought it and have received a TON of compliments! Her work is so cool, I love everything she gets her creative hands on.

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