Warrior Mama Maternity Shoot

December 4, 2013

I first met photographer Misty Bradley of Revel Photo at our Braid Workshop in May. I instantly took a liking to her – she was kind, funny, and warm. Over breakfast I revealed to her that I was thinking about starting a family but had my hesitations. What I didn’t know was that I was already carrying a zygote of a baby in that very moment. But Misty had a feeling – as many intuitive women do – that I was already pregnant.

When Misty spoke about her photography business at our workshop she shared passionately her vision of bringing back an era of women who have glorious portraits made. We’re talking Dynasty style glamour shots framed in gold and hung on mantles. After immersing myself in a Kinfolk-style Pinterest-curated world of desaturated images, lots of negative space, and pigeon-toed posing, Misty was verbalizing a pretty radical alternative – and I loved it. A few months later I announced my pregnancy and Misty generously pitched a shoot to me involving buffalo, mountains, dramatic makeup, and perhaps a little bit of nudity. Of course, I was in.

On our drive to the shoot Misty said “I’m not a photographer for women who want to look like their every day selves.” But nobody has ever made me feel more “me” than Misty did in these images.






“Hidden in the glorious wildness like unmined gold.”
– John Muir









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