Weekend Reading


It’s been a while since I’ve shared a weekend reading list. Here’s what’s captured my interest lately:

The Circle by Dave Eggers – I’m only 50% through this book but it’s already got me rethinking social media, the world we live in, and my involvement in it big time. I don’t typically read fiction but this one is good. This is an interesting review of The Circle on the New York Times – but I’m sure I’ll be sharing my thoughts on here once I’ve read the whole thing.

• K is the New Black – Okay, this isn’t necessarily a read, but my friend Anna at Door Sixteen just launched her very own product line of pillows, posters, and totes. And I love all of it.

• Vidya Cleanse eCourse – My friend and Braid client Claire is launching an online 14-day guided cleanse for your mind & body. It will be in-session Jan. 4-17. Claire is a wealth of knowledge and it looks like she’s sharing it all in this eCourse. You can register up until Jan. 2nd, but Claire is offering a $50 discount to everyone who registers before Dec. 10th. Learn more and register here.

• Prana Vimeo Channel – on that note, Claire often sends me cool climbing videos from the Prana Vimeo channel. I’m itching big time to have my body to myself again (not that I don’t love sharing space with my little guy for now) so I can lift heavy, climb, sweat, and push myself to new limits. For now I’ll just have to live vicariously through adventure videos like these.

• Brené Brown on Critics – It’s not always easy to show up and be seen. There are assumptions, judgments, and misunderstandings to be had when you put yourself out there. Artist Lisa Congdon shares Brené’s 99U conference keynote here. I also shared some advice Brené gave me when it comes to dealing with the critics, specifically for bloggers, on the Braid blog here.

Also, if you’re not following The Braid Blog here are some things we’ve been sharing over there lately:
• How to Be Your Own #1 Dream Client
• Align Your Website with Gwen Bell
• Taking Your Creative Business from Doing to Teaching

  1. Stacia

    I’m really looking forward to your thoughts on The Circle.

  2. Thanks so much for the list — I love to take a little down time when the holidays are happening to brush up on business & inspiration. I just discovered that Brene Brown talk on critics and it was just SO DAMN GOOD. She’s brilliant.

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