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What would it look like if you owned every action you took, every decision you made, and every feeling you had? What if you owned your failures and victories alike? What if nothing ever “happened” to you but instead you were entirely responsible for every interaction you had?

After every one-on-one coaching session I have with my clients I have them pick a mantra / intention / focus for the week. I’m not sure if it’s collective consciousness or just that all of my rad-ass clients have a lot in common but a few of them have at one time or another picked the mantra “OWN IT.”

So what does owning it look like?
• Making the first move
• Confidently talking money with your clients from the get-go
• Hitting “publish” on a blog post without concern for what “everybody” will think
• Or on the flip side hitting “publish” on a post even if “nobody” reads it
• Replacing the words “I have to” with “I choose to”
Being vulnerable / showing up & being seen
• Wearing what you like – even if it’s not “professional”
• Saying exactly what you mean
• Asking for what you want
• Admitting when you don’t know what something means
• Being honest about your experience
• Refusing the role of the victim
• Recognizing your power
• Celebrating your success
• Looking at your bank account & overhauling your relationship with money
• Not having room in your life for complaints or gossip
• Being proactive vs. reactive
• Making your attitude a choice
• Putting a priority on your own needs and desires
• Letting go of toxic relationships
• Giving it your best – every single time
• Not taking it personal
• Doing the work
• Being unapologetically authentic
• Living and loving out loud
• Replacing the words “having” with “making”
• Taking time to really acknowledge and feel what you’re feeling – good or bad

What does “owning it” look like for you? How could you better own it in business & life moving into the new year? Let me know in the comments. 

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  1. Sarah E

    For my life, owning it is:

    Pursuing my yoga instructor certification
    Saving for and paying for the certification in full up-front
    Asking for the job I want, regardless of whether there’s a position advertised
    Telling my (soon-to-be-former) boss what I need and how I’m going to get it
    Reminding myself daily that my attitude is my choice.

    What I need to do this year to own it:

    Ditch the complaints and the redundant ranting. We get it, work sucks, let’s do something about it.
    Claim my failures as much as my successes
    Financial planning- both solo and joint
    Go out on a professional limb, even if I end up failing.

  2. So many of these are exactly what I needed to hear.

    For me, I’m currently owning it by “writing the story I want to read.” I was really inspired by a chapter in Steal Like An Artist about not just simply writing what you know, but constantly asking yourself, “What would make a better story?”

    • I love that! I love the idea of writing the story I want to read as it applies to the story of my life.

  3. Chelsea

    Loving this so much, Kathleen. I’ve ben diving in to your DIY coaching over the past couple of days and am really starting to feel a shift in my ability to OWN IT and stop worrying so much if it’s right or wrong, and do it anyway.

    I also wanted to pass on my dear friend Bari Tessler Linden’s site to you… I think she might be a great resource for some of your coaching clients, she’s simply lovely and the connection popped into my head when I read, “Looking at your bank account & overhauling your relationship with money”. That’s the #1 way I’m trying to OWN IT this year. Cheers!

    • Oh, that is so good to hear Chelsea! Being who you are seems like it should be simple enough but damn, it can be so vulnerable to put yourself out there.

      And thank you for the resource! I love LOVE talking money and think more creatives and women, specifically, should make claim to what they want financially. This will be a great resource for my clients who want to dig deeper (and make more!) when it comes to getting right with money and making more of it.

  4. Jessica

    Kathleen, your posts are so great! They are really hitting home in ways that I’ve been needing lately. I especially connect with the “hitting publish even if nobody reads it” line.

    I’ve just recently started putting myself out there more, not just with blogging/writing but with a lot of other interactions as well. Realizing that most of the time it’s not even personal if there’s no reciprocation and that’s ok. Confidence with a dash of humility, that’s what I’ve been trying to own lately.

  5. Sarah

    For me this year owning it is about making things happen, investing in my work and focusing on my purpose, being more connected with myself through a detox, meditation and your coaching (btw I am soo enjoying it, thank-YOU! its really helping me to focus and formulate intentions and ideas), and learning or practicing to not be so shy or modest to share ‘out loud’ (this one I borrowed from your list and would add the dress like you want – that one made me smile and also resonated).

    As I have learnt with your past present future exercise, what I have already created – a simple, aligned and love-filled life – is the (wonderful) foundation for the making and sharing I intend for the new year!

    Sharing the love!

  6. Naomi

    My owning it for 2014 :

    Being an active participant in earning a living for our family. I think I can better teach my children how to earn/save/do what they love if I am also modeling it and not just their father.

    Owning up to the reality that as I approach 40, I can either choose to say “I’m getting old, I’m tired … I’ve been parenting for 19 years … bla bla” or I can rock my bikini this summer with a flat belly, have ridiculously toned arms and show off my tats. (NOT my ta-tas, my tattoos)

    Being fierce and stopping the banter space that I allow others to have. Trust in MY power … in MY voice. Cut out the mediocrity that makes me wonder if I’m going “too hard” or “too fast” for everyone else.

    Great post … thanks for this!

    • Naomi

      (and … may I ask, what is the font you have in your comment box? Not when they actually are visible on site, but as we’re typing it in? Darling!)

  7. Jessica

    This post resonated with me in so many ways. I’m definitely guilty of being reactive rather than proactive, and blaming others and other things for bad things that happen to me, rather than recognising that we reap what we sow; and that if we put good things out into the universe, good things will come back to us. I’m going to make a conscious decision to really own everything I do and everything that happens to me.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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