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January 13, 2014


What would it look like if you owned every action you took, every decision you made, and every feeling you had? What if you owned your failures and victories alike? What if nothing ever “happened” to you but instead you were entirely responsible for every interaction you had?

After every one-on-one coaching session I have with my clients I have them pick a mantra / intention / focus for the week. I’m not sure if it’s collective consciousness or just that all of my rad-ass clients have a lot in common but a few of them have at one time or another picked the mantra “OWN IT.”

So what does owning it look like?
• Making the first move
• Confidently talking money with your clients from the get-go
• Hitting “publish” on a blog post without concern for what “everybody” will think
• Or on the flip side hitting “publish” on a post even if “nobody” reads it
• Replacing the words “I have to” with “I choose to”
Being vulnerable / showing up & being seen
• Wearing what you like – even if it’s not “professional”
• Saying exactly what you mean
• Asking for what you want
• Admitting when you don’t know what something means
• Being honest about your experience
• Refusing the role of the victim
• Recognizing your power
• Celebrating your success
• Looking at your bank account & overhauling your relationship with money
• Not having room in your life for complaints or gossip
• Being proactive vs. reactive
• Making your attitude a choice
• Putting a priority on your own needs and desires
• Letting go of toxic relationships
• Giving it your best – every single time
• Not taking it personal
• Doing the work
• Being unapologetically authentic
• Living and loving out loud
• Replacing the words “having” with “making”
• Taking time to really acknowledge and feel what you’re feeling – good or bad

What does “owning it” look like for you? How could you better own it in business & life moving into the new year? Let me know in the comments. 

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