No Weekend Plans

January 15, 2014


If you’ve ever tried to make weekend plans with me you’ve probably been denied. That’s because every weekend around here is reserved for family. I spend every Saturday at my parent’s house which is located on a tiny “lake” in the suburbs of Oklahoma City. My dad watches football and grumbles about not being able to get his newest tech purchase to work properly (he’s 68 years old and has a thing for buying the newest TVs, game consoles, and iPhones on the market). Jeremy is typically immediately whisked away by my sister’s kids to play said game consoles. Meanwhile, my mom is usually wiping down the kitchen counters and baking rice crispy treats, chocolate chip cookies, and brownies – all at the same time. Me and my sister usually talk shop for about 5 minutes, then go pick up a Starbucks mint tea with cream and our conversation moves to non-work related topics like our next family vacation, our dream wardrobe, or whether or not we should get cosmetic dentistry work done.

Then we put together a puzzle. This last weekend the 1,000 piece puzzle featuring candy bars was a nice distraction from the fact that I had not yet given birth. That said, I was still feeling like a watched pot as my belly contracted while searching for all the “Sugar Babies” pieces. How appropriate. But as impatient as I was feeling for my little guy’s arrival I was also grateful for just one more reliably familiar weekend with my family as I know it.

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