No Weekend Plans


If you’ve ever tried to make weekend plans with me you’ve probably been denied. That’s because every weekend around here is reserved for family. I spend every Saturday at my parent’s house which is located on a tiny “lake” in the suburbs of Oklahoma City. My dad watches football and grumbles about not being able to get his newest tech purchase to work properly (he’s 68 years old and has a thing for buying the newest TVs, game consoles, and iPhones on the market). Jeremy is typically immediately whisked away by my sister’s kids to play said game consoles. Meanwhile, my mom is usually wiping down the kitchen counters and baking rice crispy treats, chocolate chip cookies, and brownies – all at the same time. Me and my sister usually talk shop for about 5 minutes, then go pick up a Starbucks mint tea with cream and our conversation moves to non-work related topics like our next family vacation, our dream wardrobe, or whether or not we should get cosmetic dentistry work done.

Then we put together a puzzle. This last weekend the 1,000 piece puzzle featuring candy bars was a nice distraction from the fact that I had not yet given birth. That said, I was still feeling like a watched pot as my belly contracted while searching for all the “Sugar Babies” pieces. How appropriate. But as impatient as I was feeling for my little guy’s arrival I was also grateful for just one more reliably familiar weekend with my family as I know it.

  1. Katie F.

    Love it! Enjoy all your time before the new little fella becomes part of your weekend/family/life routine. Have fun!

  2. So glad to hear you had a chance to chill with your family one last time before it gets a tiny bit bigger!

    Hang in there, and he’ll be here before you know it!

    • It’s looking like I’ll get another Saturday here soon too! 😉

      • Ha! Well, I guess maybe he’s just happy with staying all warm and cozy for now!

  3. Alien Mind Girl

    Hooray! Love that.

    I have been spending a good chunk of my Sundays babysitting my nephew (recently two years old) while my brother and his wife go out for grown-up time. My nephew is such a fun little guy – plays intense make believe and likes being barefoot in the yard (this is a cycle – I get baby dirty, which bothers my husband, then I wash baby, which baby also seems to like). He makes grass angels (like snow angels without the snow), and will taste whatever I give him (much to his parents’ surprise – we had Jerusalem artichoke together last Sunday). Also loves giving high-fives with Lego men. I have been high-fived many times by Lego men; An excellent experience.

    • Grass and dirt and baths and legos! I CANNOT WAIT!!! Yes. I can. But you know.

  4. Traci

    This made me laugh. And I’ve never seen such a SWEET puzzle! ;]

  5. Stacia

    I love this! Times with family can be so wonderful, and doing puzzles with my Grandpa while growing up is one of my favorite memories. I think it’s great that your family does them together!

  6. You know, the more structured my weeks become, the more I find that I want that same feeling throughout my weekend. There’s a comforting feeling about those Sunday nights when I add in a few of my weekend ideals for routine. And family // friends-that-are-like-family connections are high on that list of ideals.

  7. I’m thinking about you sweet pea ! and your beautiful baby boy. Wishing you & Jeremy loads of comfort, love & joy … can’t wait to meet & boy xoxox s

  8. Heather

    That’s terrific! Sounds like you have a wonderful family 🙂 My dad is much like your dad…… Football. All. The. Time. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend, love!


  9. Sarah E

    When I was a kid, my family used to always be together at my grandparents’ house for a big lunchtime meal, and then just hang out. As I grew, I started to wonder how I would fit my adult life around Sunday lunch, because I couldn’t imagine ever choosing to be somewhere else.

    Eventually our family went through enough changes, some good (including me moving 1100 miles away), and some sad, that rarely are more than three gathered for lunch on Sunday any given weekend. When you talk about your family weekends, I think about that ghost life of mine that went on having lunch at Grandma’s every Sunday for the rest of her life.

    • Oh, that’s bittersweet. I think of the traditions I’d like to create within my own little family – just me, Jeremy and the babe. I’m glad we have our families around us too, of course. But I can’t wait to start new rituals and things that my own kiddo will look back on fondly. XO

  10. rachel

    beautifully written! as i was pushing selby out i knew i was pooping and announced it to the room. tyler checked and confirmed that i was in fact pooping and that it looked like laffy taffy, the flattest poop he had ever seen. for some reason i had always pictured birthing poop to be messy and spray the room, when in fact it was probably the cleanest part of the delivery 😉

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