The Warrior

January 1, 2014




I’ve been thinking a lot about my core desired feelings for 2014 and while I was hoping to have an arsenal of creative words to drive my goals moving into the new year it really comes back to just one word:

WARRIOR / brave + strong + spirit

The warrior I want to be is brave, strong, experienced, fierce, graceful, spiritual and sexy. She has little time to feel sorry for herself and can’t be bothered by worry or fear. She’s not afraid of dying. When she’s not out on an adventure she’s at home giving herself fully to her family. This warrior momma is connected deeply to her spirit – and that gives her divine confidence. She has scars and flaws and a few wrinkles around her eyes but that’s a part of her story – it’s what makes her real. And real hot.

The warrior I want to be will motivate my actions in 2014. This looks like creating a safe and cozy nest for my family – filled with good food, warm music, and exotic spices flavoring the air. This looks like lifting heavy weights and climbing tall walls. This looks like a lot of reading, meditation, and intentional introspection. This also looks like a post-apocalyptic wardrobe and crystals. But it also looks like gracefully navigating the daily grind.

P.S. I’m so lucky to have had Misty at Revel Photo capture an image of exactly who I want to be – these photos will be a good reminder to have when I need to channel my “warrior” self. You can see more pictures from my post-apocalyptic inspired warrior momma photo shoot here. You can read about the creative direction and see more photos over at Misty’s blog here and here.


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