First it was crystals & minerals. Now it’s essential oils. While I love the idea of the healing properties in crystals, it still feels a little bit like a make-believe-just-for-fun kind of indulgence. A very pretty indulgence. But essential oils…  I think it’s legit. I was first introduced to essential oils as a teenager when a friend of mine gifted me with a small bottle of lavender and told me that rubbing a few drops on my temples before bed would send me into the most blissful slumber. Fortunately, I’ve been blessed with the slumber that is blissful as soon as my head hits the pillow every night. And then there was the Patchouli … I know some people hate it but I’ve always loved wearing it as a perfume. It’s just so earthy and exotic. I love it. I know, I know. Just look at me. It’s not lost on me that I’m a total cliche of myself at times (let’s all agree not to take ourselves too seriously, eh?).

So fast forward to present-day. My ever-growing tribe of talented friends started preaching the healing powers of essential oils. Around this time last year I started to feel like I was coming down with a cold before going to a conference. My friend Claire, whom I also refer to as my witch doctor, brought over a bottle of Thieves essential oil. She instructed me to place two drops under my tongue (INTENSE) and rub two drops into the bottoms of my feet. Sure enough, I never got full-blown sick as I was expecting.

And then just a couple weeks ago Jeremy came down with a pretty disgusting cold. Now armed with my own bottle of Thieves I included a drop on my toothbrush (again, intense – it made my mouth go numb) and rubbed it into the soles of my feet twice a day to avoid catching what he had – especially around the due date of my little one. My momma friend Greer also arms her kiddos with Thieves during the sick season to keep them healthy. I also recently picked up a bottle of lavender again to add to my baths – but apparently it’s a pretty powerful anti-bacterial great for burns, cuts, and bug bites.

Here’s the creepy / cool part about Thieves: Thieves® was created based on research about four thieves in France who protected themselves with cloves, rosemary, and other aromatics while robbing plague victims. This proprietary blend was university tested and found to be highly effective in supporting the immune system and good health. (via Young Living)

I’ve learned that quality is important when it comes to essential oils – apparently Young Living has a great reputation. But it can be expensive! So I’m slowly building my collection.

Do you use essential oils? What are some of your favorites and why? 

  1. Shivani

    I absolutely love essential oils (I’m a bit of a walking cliche as well) and am totally convinced they work for massage. I like to blend a bit of geranium in with grapeseed or sweet almond oil for monthly woes (I find it helps with cramps and mood swings, although that last part could just be relaxing from the self massage), and a bit of eucalyptus in the bath is great for a stuffy nose or for sore muscles. I definitely agree about patchouli – I love the earthy incensey sexy scent! I hear tea tree oil works on acne and bruises and is a good antiseptic, but I have yet to try it.

  2. Yes! Essential oils are fantastic. I use peppermint and grapefruit in my hair solution, tea tree for zits, and am going to start experimenting with making my own perfume!

  3. Urban Wife

    I’m a fairly new essential oils convert. I use a combo of lavender + tea tree oil in my son’s diaper wash solution, tea tree oil for random zits and lavender to sleep at night. Haha, after reading that it seems I might need to branch out a bit. 😉 I use the NOW brand, because it’s more affordable and seems to be decent quality.

  4. ANNA

    Perfect timing… I just got my first essential oils (lavender, lemon, and Ananda Apothecary’s version of Thieves called PuriFy) this week and I’m already hooked. 🙂

  5. andee

    I’ve only ever used essential oils in our furnace filter to make the house smell nice and in my homemade deodorant to make me smell nice. I’ve been hearing about essential oils healing properties everywhere though.

  6. Julie

    I am loving Roman Chamomile on my feet at night for peaceful sleeping…went from taking 30 minutes to fall asleep to less than 10! Trying it out on my toddler this week too. Also trying lavender on my daughter’s teething gums for anti-inflammatory and calming properties. So far so good. I’ve been using DoTerra. Pricey but I feel comfortable with the high quality since I’m using it on my babes. I’ve also used Thieves on my daughters feet (diluted with sunflower oil) when she gets sick. Seems to heal her up in just a few days.

  7. Kalie

    I adore Thieves. It is truly a magic potion.
    The yoga studio I work at uses a diffuser:


    during class and just in the studio. I ordered one for my home because I love it so much. You just put a few drops of oil in water, it smells great, and you get the benefit of the oils. Goodbye forever cheap candles.

    also at home I enjoy using sandalwood and lavender in the diffuser and as perfume. Tea tree oil can be used on piercings and small cuts, as disinfectant and healer.

    Also, not technically an essential oil, but silver salve/gold salve


    is AMAZING. basically you just rub it into cuts and burns and it heals like *magic* after a couple of uses. it is the best thing I’ve ever learned at the health food store. It has totally replaced neosporin/vaseline. it also reducing scars.

  8. Vivi

    Oil of Oregano has been my saviour this cold season. I swear by it. Watch your labels though as many brands have a low percentage of carvacrol, which is the anti-bacterial and anti-viral component. Look for a brand that has 60-75% carvacrol.

  9. Meghan

    This is interesting, and I’d like to start exploring this more. I use eucalyptus oil for my sinuses – i put a few drops in very hot water and breath in the steam. I would love to try the lavender for sleeping.

  10. Judy

    We use tea tree oil on my little one. He used to get terrible ear infections anytime he got a runny nose, like clockwork. Then I read somewhere if you rub tea tree oil down by the ears, to stimulate drainage it could help. In 2 years he has only had ONE ear infection since we started doing that! He had had maybe 4 the first year of his life and then 1 in the last 2. Amazing.

  11. Judie

    I was intrigued by Thieves when you posted about it on IG. Where’s the best place to buy them? Young Living’s site itself? Is there a place that carries them locally>?

    • I got mine at Green Bambino. I think they work with lots of individual sellers as well – for example, my friend Claire of VIDYA can order and sell them. I’m not sure if you can order direct though…

  12. Allie

    I adore essential oils and use them for nearly everything. Antibacterial treatments (cuts and burns), headaches, stomach cramps, bugspray… One thing to keep in mind as you explore using them is that nearly all e.o. should be diluted in a carrier oil, salt, or alcohol of some type (witch hazel, etc.) They don’t dissolve in water, so if you use them in the bath, make sure to sprinkle them on salt before dissolving the salt in the bath. (That particular blend of thieves oil is already diluted in a carrier oil, probably almond, sunflower or soybean, which makes it safe to apply directly to your skin. The only other oils I use neat are lavender and tea tree, but in tiny doses!)

    I highly recommend picking up / downloading Valerie Ann Worwood’s the Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromantherapy – she outlines the history of essential oils, their safe usage, which oils are worth investing in when you’re starting out, and recipes for oil blends (including thieves oil!) The books changed the way I prepare for travel, deal with cold season, pregnancy, etc. I buy all my oils from Mountain Rose Herbs online; they have high quality oils and a sustainable business practice.

    I hope some of this is useful to you. Good luck exploring essential oils, and congratulations on your new little guy!

    • This is so helpful! Thank you! I especially want to be careful on using oils properly and safely on my little Fox. I’ll be sure to check out that book. thanks again!

      • Allie

        Glad to help out! I wanted to second everything Rachel says in her comment below. (I’m also going to check out the book she recommends.) Keep us updated on your experiences!

  13. Amanda

    I’ve used essential oils for a while. As a teen, I used to love putting tea tree oil on my blemishes (added bonus that it smells SO GOOD). Lavender and chamomile are incredibly soothing, and rose hip oil is supposedly good for the complexion. Recently I’ve been putting a drop or two of peppermint oil in my lipglosses – same kind of “plumping” effect as lip venom!

  14. Christie

    Young Living Helichrysum on achy hand joints or sore neck– wish I could afford another bottle.

  15. Katie

    I love Young Living Essential Oils! Peppermint, Lavender, orange and Frankincense are my favorites.
    Also if you don’t have one already you have to get the YL diffuser for your home!

  16. Liz

    I use both the book and the brand that Allie mentioned. I make salves, balms, creams, bath salts, and oatmeal sachets with them. If you like patchouli, try vetiver. It’s grassy in the bottle, but it’s super sexy as it warms up. I blend it with patchouli and clary sage for a massage oil.

  17. I adore essential oils and created a skincare line utilizing their unique and potent properties. They’re truly incredible, and live and have energies all their own. It’s amazing to see how different 2 batches of essential oils can vary, depending on season, pollination, etc. For a great reference book, I recommend Julia Lawless’s ‘Essential Oils, A Basic Guide.’ She has an easy-to-navigate index, profiles over 160 essential oils, cross references use and compatibilities, and – perhaps most importantly – clearly highlights safety data and contraindications for each oil.

    I also highly recommend purchasing essential oils and other basics (dried herbs, powders, clays) from Mountain Rose Herbs. They’re among the most reputable and quality on the market. You can purchase directly from the site.

    A quick note: always check with a reputable source before applying essential oils, and use EXTREME EXTREME EXTREME care if ingesting them. I recommend waiting until infants are 3 months before applying essential oil to the skin; after that, always make sure the oils are properly diluted. For a full list of the 19 essential oils that are considered safe for use on babies and children, please check out this link:

    Sorry, I just wrote a novel. I’m pretty passionate about the subject 🙂

  18. Monica

    Young Living is about 20 miles from my house. In the summertime we ride bikes near there and you can smell the lavender fields from miles away, it is amazing.
    On a side note, I have been hearing so much about Thieves, I think I need to get some.

  19. I have the YL peppermint and Peace & Calming. The P&C has patchouli so I use it as perfume and I love it!

  20. Ashley

    I absolutely can’t take a bath without a few drops of lavender oil (and a tablespoon of coconut oil, plus a cup of epsom salts!).

  21. Chelsey

    Everyone I know is suddenly all about essential oils, and I have some friends who have been fans of them for years, but I have yet to hear anyone explain the how/why of their effect. Is it mostly aromatherapy, or is there more going on here? Have you read any good explanations?

    • Good question. I think it’s more than aromatherapy because when you use it topically or ingest it surely it’s crating an actual reaction in your body (for the lack of better words?)

      But yeah, I have no idea! I’m going to check out that book some of my other readers recommend and will ask someone who knows more about these things than I do.

  22. Chelsey, essential oils work in a few ways. There is definitely the aromatherapeutic component (molecules inhaled through the nose or mouth are carried to the lungs). But the essential oil molecules also make their way into our bloodstream via our semi-permeable skin and mucus membranes. This in turn affects our nervous, respiratory, parasympathetic and other systems.

    For just one short article on rosemary essential oil’s ability to boost cognition:

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