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I cleared my schedule this last week to make room for the baby’s arrival – but a no-show baby meant lots of time to read and write. So I’ve got lots to share this week.

First off! Podcasts! I know it’s not reading but I’m finally getting into podcasts. I can’t work / write and listen to a podcast at the same time (I just tune it out) so I’ve been listening to them while on my daily walk. Here are a few I’ve been enjoying:
• The School of Greatness / Lewis Howes – This podcast is a former pro athlete who interviews people like Tim Ferris, Danielle LaPorte, Jamie Eason, Marc Ecko and more. I love hearing the interviews and stories of how people got to where they are and the roadblocks, struggles, and insecurities they had to tackle along the way.
• TED Radio Hour – If you like TED and you like NPR you’ll like this podcast. Top notch quality and gives you lots to think about. Jeremy and I listened to this on our last road trip to Austin and the time flew by.
• With Purpose – my new friend Erin Haslag invited me to be interviewed on her brand new podcast, With Purpose. After checking out what it was all about I couldn’t say no. And chatting with Erin felt less like an interview and a lot more like catching up with an old friend over coffee. They’ve got some quality guests lined up to talk about how they live with purpose and I can’t wait to follow along.

What other podcasts should I check out?

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The Virtue of Insecurity – Chris Guillebeau talks about giving it your all and not accepting failure … even when you’ve failed.
“Sure, you can challenge or change the rules to suit your own purposes. You can define success however you see fit. But you shouldn’t accept less than your best. If your best doesn’t allow for failure, it’s not over.”

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Blog Log: The Key to Building an Engaged Audience – Shauna (aka Nubby Twiglet) nails it here with this how to “how to” post. “If you want an audience that’s engaged and keeps coming back for more, create genuinely helpful content.” Plus, she gives you lots of post ideas if you don’t know where to start.

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555 Words on Hate Blogging + Bullying – I’m finding more and more bloggers taking a vocal stance against the toxic bullshit that is hate blogging. It’s tough because you don’t want to “feed the trolls” or even give the smallest amount of energy or acknowledgment to haters, but at the same time… is this something bloggers should really stay quiet about? This post by Alex Franzen is not only firm and concise but also compassionate. (Plus, she references Mr. Rogers. You can’t go wrong there.)

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The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz – I’ve had this sitting on my Kindle for over a year and finally picked it up the other day. It probably deserves an entire post on its own but my favorite chapter was the one one not taking anything personal. It’s become a mantra and daily discipline for me to not take it personal. I highly recommend checking out this book (the end gets a little “out there” but it’s still great) – and in the meantime check out the Q&A on the Four Agreements.

Have you read anything interesting lately? Leave me some links in the comments! 

  1. Aubrae

    Check out the Maximum Fun network, if you’re in to comedy podcasts. Judge John Hodgman, One Bad Mother, Jordan, Jessee Go and My Brother, My Brother and Me are all pretty hilarious. (Though MBMBAM can get very, shall we say, “off-color” at times, so beware!)

  2. steph

    I am just now getting to The Four Agreements myself. So far I’m loving it. Not sure if you’ve read this yet but I suggest:
    The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
    The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

  3. Melinda

    Thanks for all the wonderful links!

  4. I’ve just recently got in to the Night Vale podcast (if creepy is your thang, it may amuse you). By the way, has anyone ever told you that you resemble Lily Rabe? I just finished AHS Asylum… she may be your long-lost sister! hopefully not the devil-possessed variety

  5. Hey Kathleen, thank you for the mention! I love this series and it’s an honor to be included.

  6. Aileen

    First of all — thank you for the podcasts! I’m always looking for new podcasts to get into. I listen to them while walking the dogs + doing mindless things like cleaning.

  7. Star

    My friend Hrishi just started a new one that I’m stoked about!
    It’s a music podcast where musicians do a breakdown of the individual tracks that go into their songs, and talk about their creative process.
    The first one is with Jimmy Tamborello from The Postal Service.
    It’s called Song Exploder & you can find it in iTunes.

  8. heather

    I have been listening to the guided meditation podcast by Meditation Oasis for a few years. Not updated regularly but there are some great guided meditations!

  9. Alien Mind Girl

    Science Friday is my favorite… downloadable via NPR website. I have a buddy obsessed with This American Life, though…

  10. Thank you SO much for the shout-out and including the podcast in your weekend links. I cannot wait to share your episode with listeners – thank you again for being a guest!

  11. I’ve been listening to Srini Rao’s podcast a lot over the last few months, it used to be called Blogcast FM but now it’s Unmistakable Creative. I’ve gotten a lot from most of the interviews.
    I also love the Four Agreements. It’s something I know I should be mindful of more often, but when I need it, the words do echo in my ear.
    Thanks for the recommendations Kathleen, I’ll be tuning into your interview too!

  12. Katie

    Love The Four Agreements and Miguel Ruiz!!!

  13. Lisa

    Do you listen to RadioLab? It’s the podcast that got me into podcasts and our favorite thing to listen to on road trips. Varied topics, really interesting stories, and unconventional sounds/radio presentations. Check it out if you haven’t yet!

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