1 Month In

February 20, 2014


It’s been a whole month since we became a little family of three around here. The photo above says it best. We spend most of our time in bed, which I’ve renamed base camp – because just in the periphery of this photo are laptops, iPads, remote controls, books, more blankets, a diaper changing station, water bottles, a heating pad, Kleenex, and a few snacks.

So, I’m tempted to say this is hard. Eating a cold dinner with one hand while managing inconsolable tears between the hours of 6PM and 10PM, the amount of coordination that comes with simply leaving the house, infected boobies, interrupted sleep… it can feel really hard. But those things too, while easy to fixate on at times, are in the periphery of what it is to be Fox’s parents. And really, it’s not so hard. It’s just very different. And those hard things will change daily – as will our ability to cope.

But the good stuff is really good. It’s not unlike falling in love… and getting to know Fox is the best. So yeah, it’s not always picture perfect, but it’s absolutely beautiful.

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