1 Month In


It’s been a whole month since we became a little family of three around here. The photo above says it best. We spend most of our time in bed, which I’ve renamed base camp – because just in the periphery of this photo are laptops, iPads, remote controls, books, more blankets, a diaper changing station, water bottles, a heating pad, Kleenex, and a few snacks.

So, I’m tempted to say this is hard. Eating a cold dinner with one hand while managing inconsolable tears between the hours of 6PM and 10PM, the amount of coordination that comes with simply leaving the house, infected boobies, interrupted sleep… it can feel really hard. But those things too, while easy to fixate on at times, are in the periphery of what it is to be Fox’s parents. And really, it’s not so hard. It’s just very different. And those hard things will change daily – as will our ability to cope.

But the good stuff is really good. It’s not unlike falling in love… and getting to know Fox is the best. So yeah, it’s not always picture perfect, but it’s absolutely beautiful.

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  1. Tonia

    Hey Kathleen & Jeremy,

    Congratulations on the birth of handsome Mr. Fox! He looks so much like both of you and is adorable!!

    I’ve been reading your blog for ages…so much about you guys is really relate-able for me. My husband and I work out of the house (marketing consulting, design and photography), we live in a decidedly un-trendy part of the country, some of my passions include great food/wellness/health/working out/fashion so I really dig your posts about your workouts and I’ve always enjoyed your outfit posts, and last but not least I used to have dreads in high school (not anywhere as long as yours! Mine were shoulder-length and admittedly a little scrappy.)

    Anyway, I’m commenting now because I wanted you to know that your pregnancy journey and birth story were incredibly inspiring to me. My husband and I have gone the whole spectrum of “Maybe we’ll never have kids. We love our freedom! Maybe we’ll travel the world! We can do anything!!” to “OMG let’s make a baby right now!!” and are currently hovering somewhere around “Are we ready? I’m terrified.” The main hesitation, I think, is how the hell do we continue to run our business (which is “our baby”) and stay relevant in our industry (not an easy task as is!) while also pouring time and energy into a little human??? We are both really laid-back people, so we don’t need perfection in order to be happy, but we do need balance in our lives in order to not be complete stress-balls. I don’t know what will happen, but I just wanted you to know that I’m so completely inspired by your bravery as a business owner to also take the plunge into parenthood. Please know that your honesty about your experiences is appreciated. Don’t sugar coat it. Bring it on. We want to hear it all. <3


    • Hi Tonia! Oh man, I can completely relate. I will say I’m glad I had a few years of growing Braid under my belt before having this little guy. I was able to launch projects and develop systems that make it so I can devote more energy to my family without entirely sacrificing my career. Is say start brainstorming now how you could accommodate a baby. There are so many options! XO

  2. Urban Wife

    Hard but beautiful. Yes, well said.

  3. Kim

    Yep, nailed it.
    Even with baby #2 and some experience under my belt, I remember being in the throes of those first 8 weeks or so like, “ummm…this is *hard*.” There are so many new (and first) experiences being thrown at you all at once and what may have worked yesterday doesn’t always stick. Those first months are so, sooooo fleeting (like everyone EVERYONE is wont to say) and then you look back, it’s mind blowing. It’s like orientation/initiation/trial by fire all at once. You’ll be so glad you have these experiences logged somewhere!

    • After the night we had I’m grateful that it will be fleeting. But… I’ll be sure to soak in the sweet times too.

  4. Naurnie

    On eating:

    Sally Gray is now 5 months old. She has always been a very excellent little lady and is rarely fussy… UNTIL I START TO EAT. It NEVER fails. She could be dead asleep and as soon as I raise a fork to my mouth, all holy hell breaks loose. It’s gotten to the point where one of has to hold her while the other one eats. I even tried to reason with her. I know, I know. So ridiculous. But I’m like, “Look Miss Lady. If I eat, you get to eat, too.” NO DICE.

    The other night, we were out at one of our favorite restaurants. SG was asleep in her carrier. As SOON AS MY BURGER ARRIVED, homegirl cranked it up. Which she rarely ever does when we are out. She likes to be on the go. But this kind mother (who we are loosely acquainted with) took her from my arms and played with her until I was done eating. So simple, so thoughtful. It will be something I pay forward to some other new mom someday.

    Hang in there. It will get easier. xo

  5. Sarah

    You said it quite well, Kathleen. As your babe grows, so will your parenting skill set. The parts that used to be hard won’t be anymore, but then your little one will learn something new (which fills you with pride and amazement, but also a whole new set of challenges). Parenthood is my favorite adventure. Enjoy!

  6. Eliza

    I’ve just been DYING over your ‘grams of Fox in the past few weeks. He is perfect and there’s a quality to your pictures that just communicates this connection between the two of you – and it’s a beautiful thing to see. Thanks for sharing him with us 🙂 xo

  7. Margie

    Perfectly said, Kathleen. I’m a year and a half in and it’s a little hard but not really. The Kid and I are still bathing together just because I can’t have a moment alone and well, I don’t mind it cause that kid is kooky.

  8. Fox is such a little cutie and base camp looks cozy. From where I sit, I have a feeling you’re managing juuuuuust fine. All the love. xo

  9. I like how you worded that.

    Before becoming a mom I knew how much our life would change once we had a baby, and I feel like I was more prepared knowing those first weeks/months would be really hard. But just because you know going in that its gonna be rough, doesn’t make it any easier. You don’t truly know until you experience it…. fragmented sleep, painful boobies, a baby that cries after you feel you have done EVERYTHING you can to console him, healing “down there” while dealing with all of this,,,, they always say the change of hormones causes PPD, but I think that combination alone can cause any woman to breakdown, hormone changes or not.

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