Creative Block

February 26, 2014





My good friend Danielle Krysa, aka The Jealous Curator, wrote a book called Creative Block: Advice and Projects from 50 Successful Artists. I got my copy of the book in the mail the day it was released, and you guys, it’s really good. Danielle interviewed 50 artists about their creative blocks, inner critics, and creative process. It’s a big book, but one that can be digested in bite-size chunks. I love reading the behind-the-scenes and stories of artists I know and love (like Alyson Fox, Wayne White, and Lisa Congdon just to name a few) but I’m also discovering new artists to admire.

Last January Danielle and I were chatting about her then *top secret* book and she confessed to me a big lesson she learned in writing this book – which is that you just have to ask. You see, Danielle was scared and intimidated when it came to asking kind-of-a-big-deal artists to be interviewed and published revealing their insecurities and creative blocks. But she did. She got vulnerable and she asked. And 9 times out of 10 they said yes. If they said no, it was usually done with kindness. And now she has gifted the world with this amazing compilation that will help hundreds of thousands of artists and aspiring artists feel less alone in the struggle that is being a working creative.

At the end of my DIY Coaching for Creatives email series I provide a list of resources and books to check out. I will definitely be adding this one to the mix. Brené Brown says it best here:

“Danielle Krysa’s Creative Block is truth-telling balm for all of us who wonder if we’re the only ones who get stuck, second-guess ourselves, and dance with gremlins. I loved every page – the art, the interview, and the unBlock challenges.”

– Brené Brown, Ph.D., LMSW, author of Daring Greatly

You can buy Creative Block here and check out The Jealous Curator here.

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