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I almost didn’t post this because really, who doesn’t want Amy Poehler as their best friend? There’s little originality to girl crushing on the comedic genius that is Amy Poehler. But when I came across this quote in my Instagram feed (posted by my talented blog buddy Becka Robinson) I couldn’t help but share this girl crush. It doesn’t hurt that I’ve been binging on Parks & Rec (I know, I’m late to the game) on Netflix and am inspired by Poehler’s character Leslie Knope’s work ethic, love for her less-than-glamorous hometown (I can relate), and unwavering enthusiasm.

So anyway, I saw this quote by Amy Poehler that seemed especially relevant after Monday’s post on being a lover:

“I want to be around people that do things. I don’t want to be around people anymore that judge or talk about what people do. I want to be around people that dream and support and do things.” – Amy Poehler

It is so important for the creative community to support and uplift one another – especially women. This is very clear in Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s relationship (I love the stories Tina Fey shares about Amy Poehler in her memoir Bossy Pants.) The world is an abundant place and there is enough room for all of us to dream, create, support, and do. When we can encourage and inspire each other we’re not giving up our slice of the pie … we’re making the pie bigger.

Also, have you seen Amy Poehler’s webisode series Smart Girls? What’s not to love?

Who are you girl crushing on right now? 

  1. Kate

    Try watching Broad City on Comedy Central. Amy Poehler is the executive producer, and the girls in the show are fellow grads of Upright Citizens Brigade. It’s hilarious!

  2. Kim

    I’m doing a series of interviews with women coders in Arkansas for a series in March for International Women’s Day/Month and I’m totally crushing on a number of them. They are fantastic, goal-oriented, go-getting ladies who won’t take no for an answer in a generally boy’s toy world.

  3. Amy has always been high on my Girl Crush list as is Tina. Add to that Rashida Jones (Ann Perkins) and Aubrey Plaza (April Ludgate) from Parks n’ Rec and you have a great tribe of cool chicks I want to be BFF’s with. (along with many other SNL favorites Wiig, Rudolph etc).

    I love funny women, and women who empower women to be better people. Creatively and emotionally. Kudos to you for this post I’m so happy you wrote it!

    I need to watch Smart Girls.

    My last girl crush that is pretty mega right now… Lauren Cohan (Maggie on The Walking Dead – I adore her), and Leslie Mann & Jemima Kirke – I’m obsessed with Girls.

  4. Jennifer Lawrence.

    I love that she’s straight talking and not bothered (seemingly) by the fame bit. I love that she has a great day when she finds food in her pocket on the red carpet and that she faces up to Kate Moss on the whole “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” thing. I love that she’s a bad-ass with a bow and arrow and seems to be a genuine person in a difficult industry (who knows, she’s a pretty good actress and perhaps really great at personal branding?).

    As a mama to a girl I especially love that there is someone bad-ass enough to rock Dior and a short hair cut that has a positive influence and something good to throw in to the mix. I won’t name names but there are some less than stand up “ladies” out there who have huge influence on girls growing up that have a horrendous attitude, makes me glad for the J-Law types who think about how their fame impacts the bigger picture and use it positively.

    • Kathleen

      Yes! LOVE Jennifer Lawrence. And I love Hunger Games – the world needs more feminist badasses for girls (and boys!) to look up to.

  5. “The world is an abundant place and there is enough room for all of us to dream, create, support, and do.” Perfection.

    Current girl crush (not a celeb!) is Reshma Saujani, the founder of Girls Who Code. Because empowering girls and women to do more of what they love, to show up for their dreams is definitely sexy.

  6. rox

    love her, love parks and rec. I’ve been dying to watch that new show of hers Broad City.

    my current major girl crush at the moment: GRIMES. not only is she talented as hell, but I adore how she functions in the music industry. ultimately, she stays true to herself. as a creative person, she’s such an inspiration for me right now.

  7. Ashley

    YES! I am currently watching through Parks and Rec on Netflix for the second time. I just love that as Leslie Knope she is ALWAYS so damn positive. It’s refreshing and I never get tired of it.

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  9. August

    My girl crushes lately are women who maybe weren’t the most aesthetically pleasing or gorgeous women on the surface (ESPECIALLY given today’s airbrushed standards), but who lived their lives as if they didn’t give a f*#% about what anyone thought about their beauty. And because of this, their men were DRUNK in love with them.

    One is Julia Child. I read that all she and her husband needed to be happy in life was a bedroom and a kitchen. (unabashedly sexual and confident)

    The other is Georgia O’Keeffe. I read that women cried when they saw a photos taken of her by Alfred Stieglitz exclaiming, “You can see he loves her so!” And it’s true…where some people would say she looked “manly,” Stieglitz took the most breathtaking photos of her. He worshiped her right down to her finger-tips and toes.

  10. chelsea

    Yes yes and yes.

  11. I have found that now that I have finished university and am living in the grown up world (well kind of, I am still a student though as I am studying my masters) that it’s okay to let negative people, comments and thoughts out of my life. It’s okay not to reply to that person’s nasty comment or dig about your new job promotion or living quarters because at the end of the day I need people in my life who are going to up lift me and not drag me down with them. So amen to Amy and yourself Miss Kathleen!

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  13. I am totally late to the Parks & Rec game too and just finished catching up on the whole series myself! Totally agree on loving Knope’s work ethic… Amy and her character Leslie totally are inspiring!

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