Huffing Baby Head


I used to never understand it when moms (grandmas especially) would go on and on about that new baby smell. In fact, I distinctly remember my mom inhaling my nephew’s head right after he was born and stating that New Baby was the best smell ever. Meanwhile I’m thinking “you’re actually smelling uterus and placenta.” And then I said that out loud. Because I’m a brat.

But now I get it. Like a true addict, I will easily spend the day huffing the top of Fox’s head. I’m lucky if I do much else. And if someone could find a way to bottle it up they could make a fortune off me.

My midwife told me that moms are the only ones who can really smell their baby (only after I was all “get a whiff of this baby!”, like a pushy dealer with the good shit, at my 2 week checkup). I also recently read a study saying that in a blind test something like 99.99% of moms can identify their baby by smell alone. I believe it. So thank you biology & hormones for giving me the gift of the drug that is the scent of the top of my baby’s head. Like grandmas everywhere, I will be chasing that high for the rest of my life.

  1. Silvia

    Goodness, he’s cute. And so are you. Motherhood suits you πŸ™‚ Happy baby sniffing πŸ˜‰

  2. You and Fox look gorgeous! I don’t blame you for cuddling with and sniffing that babe all day. And, may I also say your cleavage is looking great as well- haha!

    • Noooo… I don’t ever want it to go away!

  3. AK

    I don’t have babies and don’t want ’em… but I still think their heads smell great! So weird.

  4. Crystal

    hahah yes! My Mom (whom my kids call Lola) chases after the grandkids and grabs them, hugs them and smells and kisses them and says “I need energy!” That’s how she refers to this “smell” the kids giving off; some sort of life giving energy that you just can’t get enough of, and also serves as a “pick-me-up” when you need it. Happy huffing!

  5. So sweet – this photo is amazing and I love the thought that when I have a kiddo, he/she will have a distinct smell I can’t get enough of.

  6. AwesomeMargie

    This a million times.

    My kid is 1 1/2 now and I’m trying to record the way his breath feels on my neck when he falls asleep on me. :/

  7. Urban Wife

    Yes! Best smell ever. It does go away but I still find myself sniffing my 9 month old’s head. πŸ™‚ Sort of unrelated, but your dreads are looking so amazing! I started doing my own a few months ago but gave up after they kept falling out. Thinking about just paying someone to do them. :/

  8. jaclyn

    I don’t have the “mom gene” but I still love the smell of newborn babies!

    However, the smell of a 3 year old is totally disgusting to me. They always smell like a mix of too-sweet fruit juice, mushed up crackers and boogers. I know it’s harsh but I can smell a toddler a mile away. πŸ™‚

    Also, oddly enough, I love the smell of my two cats and when I get home from work every day, I pick each of them up and take a deep breath of their fur. It sounds crazy, but I think it’s the same sensation as a mom smelling her baby.

  9. Meghan

    Well, I’m glad to hear that you can smell it after you ACTUALLY have a baby. I can not smell it, and my friends look at me like I’m crazy when i don’t want to smell their babies’ heads.

    What a sweet photo!

  10. Kathleen! You look great and I have loved meeting Fox via insty. He’s a doll. I have long sworn by the intoxicating smell of babies heads and I’m happy to go into business bottling/selling/etc. if you’re interested. Something to think about. Until then, enjoy every minute. Sending love!

  11. Ravyn

    Ha. This post is great. I am 100% certain I could identify Alba by smell. That newborn baby smell is the best!

  12. Alien Mind Girl

    Whoa. o_O I had NO IDEA.
    I wonder if people can sniff out spouses as well…

  13. Rian


    (I am also a brat- we recently rescued 5 puppies from a fly in community North of us. Everyone was all, “Oh! New puppy smell!” It took all of my will power to not assure them that puppy smell is actually puppy urine.)

    Thanks for sharing your magic days!

  14. Michele

    Love love l-o-v-e that you are giving us updates into your “new” world….They make my day because my “baby” is now 11 and I will tell you, at this age, that once you get beyond the “boy stink” there is no better smell than the top of my 11 year old’s head. (We are one baby and done, not by choice) I tell my hubby ALL the time that I would be able to pick my son our of a line-up of little boys by smelling their heads. He is almost too tall for me to nestle into anymore, but he knows if mamma is near, she will smell his head, and I do, every frickin chance I get!!!!!

    • Ashley

      Oh, this made me all teary. I have a 3-year-old son and love him more than anything. I’m so glad to know that I’ll still be in love with him in 8 years. πŸ™‚

  15. Megan

    that smell is like no other. and when that new born smell fades, it doesn’t actually ever go away completely. I still huff my 4yr old son’s head, full of hair now, cheeks, they actually smell sweet, and the back of his neck and still I get high. bliss

  16. Sunny

    Shout out to all the Mama’s who still creep into dark little rooms at night to sniff their children! Like a bandit.

    Welcome to the addiction!

    P.S. Speaking of uterus and placentas, can’t wait to hear more about your birth story, Kathleen!

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