Huffing Baby Head

February 12, 2014


I used to never understand it when moms (grandmas especially) would go on and on about that new baby smell. In fact, I distinctly remember my mom inhaling my nephew’s head right after he was born and stating that New Baby was the best smell ever. Meanwhile I’m thinking “you’re actually smelling uterus and placenta.” And then I said that out loud. Because I’m a brat.

But now I get it. Like a true addict, I will easily spend the day huffing the top of Fox’s head. I’m lucky if I do much else. And if someone could find a way to bottle it up they could make a fortune off me.

My midwife told me that moms are the only ones who can really smell their baby (only after I was all “get a whiff of this baby!”, like a pushy dealer with the good shit, at my 2 week checkup). I also recently read a study saying that in a blind test something like 99.99% of moms can identify their baby by smell alone. I believe it. So thank you biology & hormones for giving me the gift of the drug that is the scent of the top of my baby’s head. Like grandmas everywhere, I will be chasing that high for the rest of my life.

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