My Valentine

February 14, 2014


Since Fox entered our world almost four weeks ago our titles and identities have been pretty much 100% “mom” and “dad”. And we’re still in on-the-job training mode. So on this day dedicated to love we’re not likely to celebrate with a fancy dinner or super sexy uh… sexcapades. Instead we’ll be falling more in love with the little soul we’re still getting to know over take out pizza and Netflix. But that said, my baby daddy deserves a little extra love and what better day to give him a shout-out than Valentine’s day. Jeremy has been the best dad to our fantastic little Fox. He’s taken five weeks of paternity leave (not terribly common around these parts) and for that I am so grateful. He changes 98% of the diapers (the ones I change usually result in a poop disaster.) Jeremy is constantly grabbing things that are just out of my reach when I’m feeding the baby (story of my life). Sometimes he’ll make me a snack in the middle of the night (breast feeding makes you ravenous, y’all) and I’m always counting down the hours until he brings me breakfast in bed. He wipes away my hormone-charged and over-tired tears (I have my days). And then he wipes away the baby’s inconsolable and over-tired tears (Fox definitely has his days… and nights).

Thank you Jeremy for being my valentine, my partner-in-crime, and now the best baby daddy ever. Every day of the year.

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