Read Darling

February 5, 2014






Confession No. 1: While I spend an obscene amount of time just staring at my baby, since having Fox I’ve also spent great deal of time on my iPhone. It’s small and one-hand friendly enough that I can check my email, read blogs, and stay connected to the outside world via social media, all while feeding or holding my baby.

Confession No. 2: I like to collect artsy and cool magazines but I rarely read them.

I picked up this copy of the new magazine Darling: The Art of Being A Woman at Shop Good last week. If you threw Anthology, Kinfolk, and Equals Record in a blender you’d get Darling. So one morning I put a sleepy Fox in his Sakura Bloom sling and sat down to some tea, oatmeal, and Darling. My computer and phone were tempting me in my periphery but I was craving some quality offline content consumption. The magazine is great – it’s stylish but not snobby. The content is carefully curated to share a good balance of art, beauty, and practical tidbits.

But what I noticed as I was reading this magazine is that my attention span is completely shot. I found myself skipping paragraphs and jumping pages. The equivalent of hopping from open tab to open tab in my browser. I was challenged to hold my focus on a beautiful magazine in my peaceful and picture-perfect breakfast nook. I found myself with a compulsive itch for the kind of chaos that only social media can seem to scratch these days. Now look, I don’t think the internet is bad (I mean, here I am). But it might be a problem when I’m 5 pages into a really great read and at the same time am habitually reaching for my phone to refresh Instagram for the 10th time in 20 minutes. (And on that note, I’ve also noticed that even TV can’t seem to hold my attention – I seem to mindlessly grab for my phone when I’m watching my shows too!)

So I think I’d like to tweak my morning routine for a while and instead of absent-mindedly scrolling through my RSS feed and Pinterest I’m going to drag out all the magazines I’ve collected and practice giving real pages that I can turn my undivided attention.

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