February 7, 2014




This is Fox’s second bath. I thought about lying and telling you it was his first – because that would somehow be more special and monumental. But I think his second bath was more notable and here’s why: during his first bath, when Jeremy lowered Fox into the cradle I had made with my legs, Fox cried a little bit. He didn’t understand what was happening and was probably a little scared and unsure. But by the second bath the experience was familiar. Fox was calm, confident, and trusted that everything would be okay.

Jeremy, Fox, and I are experiencing lots of firsts around here. First feeding, first diaper changes, first grocery outing, first doctor’s visit … it’s a lot like visiting a new country where you don’t speak the language and are trying to figure out the public transportation system for the first time. First times can be equal parts thrilling and scary. But this post… this post is dedicated to the we-got-this seconds.

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