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A couple weeks ago I wrote about rocking confidence by pretending as if you’re a confident badass. If playing pretend doesn’t work for you I’ve got another “fake it ’til you make it” way of thinking about it: behave as if you’re a confident badass. So don’t worry about your attitude or mindset. You can still feel insecure, confused, or scared but still behave like someone who has their shit together. Stand up straight, initiate eye contact, have a firm handshake, and hit publish.

Behave with confidence and confidence will find you.

Or let’s say you want to be a writer but you’re not feeling inspired. Then behave as if you’re an inspired writer. Sit down and write 1,000 words. Even if they’re really awful words. Behave as if you’re a writer and the inspiration will follow.

Or maybe you want to be happy but are finding yourself in a foul mood. Behave as if you’re happy – put on a smile and give someone a compliment. Behave as if you’re happy and happiness will find you.

Perhaps you want to be more fit but are feeling like a couch potato. Behave like an athlete. Take your vitamins, lace up your sneakers, and go outside. Behave like a healthy person and soon enough you will be healthy.

One of my readers (thanks, Angie!), pointed me to this TED talk Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are by Amy Cuddy that will surely inspire you to let your attitude take note by leading with behavior.

How do you intend to behave this week? Let me know in the comments. This is my first official week back from maternity leave so I’m looking forward to behaving like an entrepreneur with badass ideas. Those actions look like getting dressed, coffee dates with my business partner (and sister), learning new ideas from people doing it better than me (via podcast and blogs), and lots of sketching and list making in my notebook.

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  1. Margaret

    Thanks, Kathleen! Just what I needed to hear this morning.

  2. Kaitie

    This is great. I am going to tell myself to behave like a productive, in-charge leader and I will do it! Congrats on your back-to-work status.

    • Thanks, Kaitie! Here’s to a productive week!

  3. Carrie

    I am using this as my daily mantra this week. I’ve been beating myself up for falling short in some areas- self-care, health, trust that I can do what I set out to do… and this is just what I need to get back on track and let the optimism back in.

    • Trust is a huge lesson I’m learning right now too. I’ve realized it is a daily practice for sure.

  4. Natasha

    You always seem to have some sort of direct link to what’s going on in my head!

    This week is week 3 of semester 1 of my final year at uni. And this week it’s crunch time. If I’m not organised now (I’m not), then I’m screwed. So this week I will BEHAVE LIKE I’M ORGANISED and get my shiz together and BE that awesome, with it, organised uni student that everyone envies.


    • Oh man, I totally need to behave like I’m organized. Starting with backing up my hard drive! Good luck during crunch time!

  5. emily hassman

    This week, I will behave like a mama-to-be who’s having an awesome pregnancy. I will put on makeup and do my hair. It might not make my morning sickness go away, but maybe it will make me feel more like myself!

    • Oh, I feel you on this one. I have found doing my hair and makeup works wonders for my attitude. XO

  6. Naomi

    This week I’m going to be behave as though I need people. There’s a lot more to it than I can give ya in the comments, but that’s my deal for the week. Last week, I behaved as though I gave a rat’s butt about how I looked and put myself together every morning and added my bling back in.

    Good luck with your learning, coffee dates and sketching!

  7. Beka

    Brilliant. On road to kickassness!!!
    Happy weekend!

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