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March 11, 2014


Today’s post is a reminder that everything begins with a thought. Look around you. Your laptop, the vase on your table, your cup of coffee, the Kleenex box on your desk, the art on your walls, and even your relationships … all of it began with an inkling of an idea. Thoughts may feel intangible but the truth is this:

Thoughts are things and they will manifest in your reality.

So, if everything in your life was cultivated from a thought, that means you are responsible for all of it. Good and bad. So take some time to take stock of how your thoughts have come to life around you.

Try this: On a sheet of paper draw three columns. Label them with the following:

Write down three of your most major accomplishments and trace them back to the original thought. Take note of how you were responsible for them manifesting them. Write it down in the far left column. For example, one of my biggest accomplishments was trekking to Mt. Everest Base Camp. I had never even been overseas when I saw a documentary about Everest on the Discovery channel and thought “Wow. I’d like to see Mt. Everest!” That seemingly flip desire manifested itself into a life-changing journey. 

You have something like 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts per day. Most of them are recurring. So today I want you to come up with three new thoughts. It can be anything from a goal or resolution, to a relationship you’d like to develop, to a new “what if” question, to something you would like to make or research. Write them down in the middle column. My thought today is not entirely formed yet, but I’m curious to see how being a new mom will blend in with my career – especially as my maternity leave comes to an end. Another thought I have is that as much as I would love to be creative and make things with my hands in my down time my true passion is cooking and fitness. Maybe I will explore being more intentional with those things as my “hobbies”. 

I want you to write down the date for exactly one month from today in the future column. Leave this section blank until a month from now. When you return to it I want you to write down how the thoughts you wrote down in the middle column manifested themselves in your life. So for me, I’m going to note in a month from now exactly how that new mom / career blend has manifested itself (it could be anything! From simply a new perspective to maybe a new service or product for working moms.) Or perhaps I’ll have some fun passion projects or experiments rise out of my obsession with health and fitness.

So, today we’re focusing on the manifestation of positive thoughts but consider the less-than-fantastic stuff around you. Take responsibility for it and ask yourself “what thoughts or stories do I tell myself to attract _____.” Sure there are some things that may not be your fault – like getting into a car wreck or falling ill. But try to find responsibility and awareness for the thoughts and reaction around the crummy stuff. Take note of how it shifts your perspective from a reactive victim to perhaps a proactive badass.

I’d love to hear some of your past accomplishments and the originating thought in the comments. Or let me know your new thoughts for today and let’s check back in together in a month to see how they all came to life?

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