How to Attract Dream Customers


A lot of you, dear readers, are creative entrepreneurs or aspiring to leave your day job and live what you love. And you might already know that a big part of loving your job is loving who you work with and who you work for. Or on the flip-side a client from hell can leave you fantasizing about working at the MAC makeup counter in the mall (or is that just me?). So today I’m going to cut to the chase and give you three secrets to attracting dream clients.

In our society there is an expectation that when you’re “on the clock” you are buttoned up, polished, and sound a little bit like a robot. You have your work clothes and then you have your evening & weekend clothes. The person you are for your friends and family is not the same person you are for your clients.

I think this is a total bummer. And worse, this kind of separation of personal and professional is a disservice not only to yourself but to your client. You see, when you can be who you are on and off the clock you create the opportunity to forge genuine relationships, which leads to real trust, which then cultivates collaboration, which then results in enthusiastic approval on projects.

But here’s the deal. Most of the creatives I coach only PERCEIVE that they won’t be hired because they let their true colors shine – which is the total opposite of true. Give your potential clients more credit. Treat them like the humans they are and they’ll respond with equal respect. I always use my hair as an example. I assumed it would keep me from being hirable but the opposite has been true. In fact, I’ve doubled my income since dreading my hair. So, wear what you want to wear, dye your hair crazy colors, write your truth and hit publish, and just be yourself – 100% of the time. You will attract dream customers with cash and you will repel the clients from hell.

I’ve found that whatever I’m interested in personally at any given time is what I attract professionally. When I was deeply into my yoga practice I was hired by a yogi to rebrand her studio. When I was going through life coach training I found myself helping other life coaches define their brand and business vision. And the most explicit hit-me-over-the-head example of like attracting like is when I was captivated by Brené Brown’s message of Daring Greatly and was then hired by Brené Brown herself to overhaul her personal brand and website before appearing on Oprah.

I think the Law of Attraction is at play here but more than that I think a big important step in attracting like-minded clients is not just being who you are 100% of the time but explicitly sharing what you love. That means blogging, talking, and Tweeting the things that interest and inspire you.

So finally, you have to not only know what your dream customer likes (probably the same things you like, per point #2) – but you have to ask them for their business. That means you have to have an offering that fits their needs. And then you have to ask them to hire you.

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So here is where I’m going to ask you to hire me. Our Braid ECourse Dream Customer Catching: Embrace Your Expertise and Attract What You Track is open for registration through this Thursday and will be in-session from this Friday March 21 – 30th.  You can take it for $50 using the code ANDKATHLEEN50 when you register. Learn more here to see if it might be a good fit. 

P.S. Even if you don’t have a creative business, I think this ECourse is great for bloggers too! Just replace “dream customer” with “dream reader” and voila, you’re on your way to attracting like-minded readers who will engage with what you have to say.

P.P.S. If you don’t have $50 that’s cool – I totally understand. We have lots of free resources too including the Braid Blog (this week we’re talking about conversations that get your hired), my Coaching for Creatives blog series, and our exclusive behind-the-scenes Letters for Creatives that are delivered straight to your inbox. Here’s a sneak-peek at this week’s letter about coming back from maternity leave in case you’re interested.

  1. Melanie

    I love these posts! They’re so practical and conversational, you make it sound so simple (which, apparently, it is!). Too bad simple isn’t always easy 🙂

  2. Alien Mind Girl

    Ahh… blue hair and weekend clothes at work… what a fun daydream. 😉

    (I can only respond with that because you know where I work! But when I was self employed, it was totally blue hair and yoga pants or jeans, every day!)

  3. Ashley

    “Sometimes the hardest things are the most worthwhile. That was a hard pill for this self-proclaimed hedonist to swallow. But it’s true.”

    I feel like I’m living this statement right now. I have so many dreams and I’ve finally narrowed down my focus. But now it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty and put in the work that will bring those dreams into reality. It will be so worth it, but some of the fun things will have to be sacrificed in the mean time. But you know what? Bring it on!

  4. I SO needed to hear this today. Thank you Kathleen. I believe this in my heart & soul but to live it in business is often difficult & very scary. I had to stand up & be me today, I did it as gracefully and as thoughtfully as possible. I hit “send” and then by chance (ha !) I came here and read this fantastic Creative Coaching comment. Thank you Madam Universe. Feeling brave, Feeling strong. Feeling me.

  5. Steph

    Just yesterday I was getting ready for a new client meeting and found myself looking at my closet trying to figure out the “right” thing to wear since it was a corporate environment I was heading into. I started pulling out things I haven’t worn since my 9 – 5 job I quit a year ago. Luckily I stopped myself and realized that if I’m not being who I really am and wearing the things that make me feel happy and confident then this whole thing is pointless. I’m not living my dream.

    In the end I found a great balance that was still professional but with a sprinkle of Joan Jett cool. I felt great and was confident in my meeting and I got the client! I also started a new thrift store bag with all those clothes I’m not going to wear again.

  6. Sarah

    Such great advice! I’m just starting my own design business and have been trying to define my brand/blog. I keep thinking the plan I have is going to be too personal and in turn, repel clients. I really don’t believe that’s true, but the idea keeps getting in my head. Silly! I feel like I finally have the whole brand/blog finally figured out so it’s about time I dive in! Perfect timing for me to hear this post! Thank you for constantly reminding be to be authentically me!

  7. As *always!* great advice. Thanks, Kat!
    And I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. You’re so right.

  8. Ramona

    Love love love it! The whole being yourself thing applies to every area of our lives! Thanks for sharing

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  11. Esther

    I agree that we attract like-minded people and things-this reminds me of “The Secret.” I’ve found that writing things down have always made things happen as well-there is power is making your thoughts concrete .

  12. #3 is so incredibly essential, but also the hardest. It’s difficult not to wonder why people aren’t investing in you, but I think it’s important to recognize this isn’t personal and you really do need to put on your sales(wo)man hat every once in a while to stand out from the crowd.

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