Anniversary Party for Two

April 4, 2014



I’ve been lazy about it for the past few years, but lately I’ve had the desire to put a little more effort and enthusiasm into holidays and events worth celebrating. That desire stems from wanting to create family traditions and magical memories for Fox. But I want to expand my own capacity for joy and make magical memories for myself too. I need more intentional and thoughtful celebration in my life. So last Friday was our 5 year anniversary. I was sleepy and trying to choreograph the get-it-all-done dance but decided to muster up the energy to celebrate five good years of marriage to my main man.

We had lunch at our favorite Indian buffet and split a bar of fancy chocolate in my car. Then I picked up a nice bottle of bourbon and spent the afternoon making these no-bake cookies (they were amazing – I used walnuts for the cookie base and maple syrup instead of agave). That evening we went out to a local block party and ate crepes from a food truck. We came home and after putting Fox to bed enjoyed takeout sushi and split a bottle of carmenere over candlelight at our dining room table. For three hours we had each other’s undivided attention and it was exactly what these sleepy new parents needed.

It wasn’t grandiose but it was pretty great. What I learned from the day was that we create our own magic and the kind of memories we choose to have are up to us to make.

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