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Today I want to share another peek behind-the-scenes of how I work, and the work we do, at Braid. When my sister and I started Braid Creative I had already been freelancing for a year. That means for a whole year I was wearing all the hats – from administrative to creative. But launching and growing a business is very different from freelance. In order to grow I needed to learn how to delegate. Some roles were easy to hand off – like accounting. But others were a little more complicated to let go of – like doing 100% of the creative.

When I was freelancing graphic design was my expertise. But at Braid Creative our designs and brand identities are the icing on the cake, so to speak. Because what we’re really giving the solopreneurs we work with is a collaborative method that we go through together to help them clarify their business vision with a deeper understanding of how their dream customer, personal brand, and content-sharing strategy (ie. social media and blogging) play into their own skill sets and core genius. This means my job wasn’t only understanding my client’s design wants and needs but also acting as a consultant and coach. It also means that graphic design was no longer my expertise but just a tool in my toolbox.

For a long time I had the belief that I had to do it all. But as I grew in my own role as a consultant and creative coach it meant I needed to loosen my grip on the title of “designer”. The belief that I had to do it all was only limiting my own ability to expand. It’s taken me a couple of years to really learn how to shift from designer to creative director. It means I have to trust my team and help them grow in their own roles. It means I had to learn to collaborate and delegate – which takes a lot more time and finesse than you’d think.

In the future I’d love to share more on how to delegate and collaborate through a process, but today I’m sharing some of the icing on the cake of what we do for our clients. And I couldn’t have done it by myself. Thanks to my team Kristin, Liz, and Tara.

  1. Mo

    Ok, so, all of these brands? BEAUTIFUL. Nice work, Braid crew!

    Thanks for the lesson on delegating, too. Things run a lot smoother when everyone is doing what they do best, instead of trying to do everything and not trusting their talented team members. That’s always a good reminder.

  2. Sheherazade

    Wow, can I say how awesome your work is???!!!!

  3. Laura

    Beautiful stuff! For real – I’m signed up for so many blogs and newsletters and you and Braid are the only ones consistently entertaining, inspiring, and educating me. Thank you 😀

  4. Tracey

    I really relate to your struggles with letting go and moving into a different role within your business. It is so hard, and I’m struggling my way along a similar path. So nice to read about someone who has managed the changes and is steps ahead of me. Thanks for sharing.

    And the branding on all these businesses is so amazing! Kudos to you and your team.

  5. Abigail

    Amazing! Love the look of Verdure (and what a great name).

  6. Stacey

    You lady (ladies) are amazing. Definitely one of my design inspirations and would love to see you some day at Design Thinkers in Toronto!! Keep up the fantastic work!! 🙂

  7. Absolutely lovely work. And great post!
    I completely understand how you felt. Although I want to expand, handling down or sharing the title of designer and sole creative mind behind my business is such a tough thing.

  8. You guys must be an amazing team because your portfolio is awesome! I loved seeing some of your work up close in this post.

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