Enjoy Every Moment

April 16, 2014



My phone alerted me the other day that I’ve almost used up all 16GB. Aside from the time I accidentally synced Beyonce’s new album (in which each song comes with a video) to my phone that has never happened before.

What changed? I had a baby and couldn’t stop taking photos of him. This is no surprise to you if you follow my Instagram account. But for every photo posted there there are hundreds more that are never shared. Taking photos of my baby has become almost a compulsion. And at times I annoy myself with the need to document rather than just living in the moment. But I realized, it’s not the photos themselves but the act of taking them that is proof to me that I am not taking this time for granted. The action of snapping a picture takes me out of the moment to recognize that I am in fact enjoying it. A catch-22 at it’s finest.

I may be late to the game but I only recently discovered PostalPix – an app that lets you order prints direct from your phone. Every time I go to clear images off my phone I simply upload a few to PostalPix for printing and a few days later have quality prints delivered to my door. As much as I love capturing and sharing online I like the sentiment that real prints offer – physical proof that we were here and that we loved big time.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post – if there is a phone-to-print service you like even better let me know! I’m really wanting a service that offers magnets made out of my Instagram snaps to cover my fridge with. 

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