We should get chickens

April 23, 2014


The full title of this post is actually “We should get chickens!” and Other Things That Do Not Make Sense Right Now. Things like:

Climb Aconcogua
Go dog-sledding in Norway
Live on a sail ship for a year
Start a family band
Become a fiber artist
Road trip around New Zealand
Remodel our bathroom
Become a competitive bodybuilder
Go back to school for creative writing
Or naturopathy
Or sports science
Hike the Appalachian Mountain range
Overhaul my wardrobe to be completely post-apocalypse appropriate

Buy a new (to us) home. (And then get chickens!)

I have big dreams. All the time. And they don’t always make sense for our circumstances or for our pocketbooks but they make perfect sense to my gut and appeal to my heart. It takes just seconds, literally, for my body to make decisions that my intellectual brain would take some time to think through — at the very least a day or two — weighing pros and cons. So when I heard the whisper of a really rad midcentury home in a sweet neighborhood – and across the street from my sister – going on the market my heart immediately said yes. I could immediately see a vision of our family growing new traditions and forging deep roots together in this home. But now my brain is spinning to figure out “how are we going to make this work?”

It might not make sense. It might not work out. But my heart can dream, right?

P.S. Because I know I’ll get asked – yes, if we do move we will either be selling or renting our current house. You can email me at Kathleen@braidcreative.com if you’re interested.

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