We should get chickens


The full title of this post is actually “We should get chickens!” and Other Things That Do Not Make Sense Right Now. Things like:

Climb Aconcogua
Go dog-sledding in Norway
Live on a sail ship for a year
Start a family band
Become a fiber artist
Road trip around New Zealand
Remodel our bathroom
Become a competitive bodybuilder
Go back to school for creative writing
Or naturopathy
Or sports science
Hike the Appalachian Mountain range
Overhaul my wardrobe to be completely post-apocalypse appropriate

Buy a new (to us) home. (And then get chickens!)

I have big dreams. All the time. And they don’t always make sense for our circumstances or for our pocketbooks but they make perfect sense to my gut and appeal to my heart. It takes just seconds, literally, for my body to make decisions that my intellectual brain would take some time to think through — at the very least a day or two — weighing pros and cons. So when I heard the whisper of a really rad midcentury home in a sweet neighborhood – and across the street from my sister – going on the market my heart immediately said yes. I could immediately see a vision of our family growing new traditions and forging deep roots together in this home. But now my brain is spinning to figure out “how are we going to make this work?”

It might not make sense. It might not work out. But my heart can dream, right?

P.S. Because I know I’ll get asked – yes, if we do move we will either be selling or renting our current house. You can email me at Kathleen@braidcreative.com if you’re interested.

  1. Kristin

    My parent’s neighbors just got chickens and so my mom has been sending me pictures of them all this week. Maybe it’s a sign? And then you can mail me eggs!

  2. Carrie

    good luck getting the sweet mcm house. I know there are some gems in OKC. how fun!

  3. Heather

    I just think it’s awesome how close you are to your family in general. I don’t know a lot of people who could work with their siblings on a daily basis and then live right across the street from them. I lived fairly close to my family for a while (within 20 minutes) and sometimes a month would go by without even seeing each other, and my husband is the same.

    Good luck on making as many of those dreams come true as you can!

  4. Emma

    My family has had chickens since I was 6, and we live in Alaska! They are hardy and sweet creatures and a part of my childhood that I cherish. Both for tiny eggs and their charming, gentle temperament, I’d recommend bantams, especially Japanese White Fluffys, and Aracanas for green eggs – just in case you decide to throw some of these ideas into action!

  5. jaclyn

    Please don’t become a fiber artist. It’s like the “hottest” “coolest” “trendiest” thing to do these days. And speaking as a practiced and educated fiber artist myself, the pool is filling up fast and it’s getting pretty cramped in here.

    Sorry to be so jerky but it’s been irking me lately how every person with a box of Rit Dye or a tabletop tapestry loom thinks they are a textile genius now. Where were they all years ago when textiles/fibers was seemingly the most uncool thing to be doing?

    In other news have you seen this website: http://sherpafund.bigcartel.com/products

    100% proceeds are going to benefit the families/people effected by tragedy on Mt. Everest.

    • I don’t know Jaclyn, I was suuuper into my macrame hemp necklaces and hair wraps when I was a teenager. 😉

      You do bring up a good point. In general, I don’t DIY anything and would much rather support people who are already doing the work. My core genius isn’t actually fiber arts so you have nothing to worry about. And hey, let me know where I can buy your work.

      And finally, please don’t get so irked that what you are good at is becoming trendy. If anything it should excite you that what you’re good at is now cool. It means there is opportunity and a market to thrive (read: make money) doing what you do best. I say this coming from a place where I sometimes feel cramped too. If anything it’s forced me to grow out of the pond I’m in.

      Thanks for the Everest link!

  6. I read not to long ago (and I don’t remember the source) that
    “Sometimes you make a decision, and the Universe conspires to support you.” I love taking leaps, big and small, and knowing the powers that be have my back as long as whatever I’m doing has positive energy behind it.

    • naomi

      Love that Jessica!

  7. Alien Mind Girl

    Wow. That almost sounds like me. I have totally up and changed my life on a dime because something sounded really cool and felt really natural… more than once. Until I realized that it’s just me, and everything sounds like the right thing to do ALL THE TIME. And I had to lay down the law with myself. I still struggle with it. I always feel like I’m searching for the next big thing, but I know if I jump into it, it won’t be the next big thing anymore. I’m starting to wonder if it’s a… psychological issue or something. But I totally thrive on change; it’s constance and longevity that’s challenging to me.

    That being said, some of my best memories… when I was a kid, my family owned a street. Well, ok, we rented it. My grandma lived in one house, with my aunt and uncle (both teenagers) still at home. Mom would take me and drop me off in the summer. Three doors down was my great grandma’s house, and across the street from her lived one of my great aunts with her three kids (my cousins – one just a year older than me). I ran up and down that street all summer, the only place they’d let me roam because there was family everywhere, playing with my cousins and popping in and out of everyone’s homes… I. Loved. It. It only lasted a few years when I was in grade school, but I thought it was perfect. And we still talk about that time when “we all lived on one street.”

  8. meghan

    when i read this all i could think about was did i write this post and forget i had? last feb a mid century home came on the market in this awesome neighborhood but we had just moved a year ago and had a small baby. the home sold and i was sad. then it came back on the market a few short months later the owners got relocated and we sprung on it. we were out bid and once again i was crushed. i noticed it had been contingent for a month or so (yes i was stalking it!) and so i called the relator to see what was up…the deal was falling through. long story short we got the house and moved in a month ago! so dream big lady if it is meant to be it will happen! good luck.

  9. Jessica

    Don’t do bodylifting, it’s taxing on your body and your adrenals. Do competitive WEIGHTLIFTING 🙂

    • Ha! I’m probably not going to do competitive anything. Just a silly dream. 😉

  10. Jen

    The body knows best! I love that you’re so in tune and know exactly what you want. And I live right outside the Appalachian Mountains and fully support your desire to spend some time hiking them (or the whole Appalachian Trail? With your son and some chickens in tow?)

  11. I think life is all about dreams and making them come true -even if in an adapted form. So, best of luck making them all a reality.

    I haven’t been to a house that has chickens since I was a kid. Ha. I like chickens!

    And I absolutely support the road trip around New Zealand plan. I’ve had this one in mind since I was a teenager.

  12. Lynda

    The heart knows best Kathleen, this is exactly how I make decisions too. But so far everything has worked out. Definitely happier with those decisions. Good luck with your next move and thanks for sharing!

  13. Natasha

    I do this ALL the time!

    It seems like every other day I come up with mew dreams and ways of being that are all kinds of different – some of my latest ideas include apprenticing myself to the local cobbler who has nobody to take over the business, starting a cafe with my husband in the country or my sister in the burbs, starting a quality geek lingerie line for those of us geeks who want to wear spiderman knickers but want quality as well, start a line of clothing – or shoes, I haven’t decided – for tall women with big feet (we are really not catered for at all here in the backwater that is Australia), by a block of land big enough so that we can build a house out of shipping containers and have an awesomely huge veggie garden (complete with chickens) and live off the grid… You know, the usual ;P

    I love what Jessica said, ‘sometimes the universe conspires to support you’, and I believe that you attract the support you need 😀

    So chickens, yes, Appalachians hiking, yes, NZ road trip (come to AUS while you’re in this part of the world too!), yes… And keep writing! As always, I love your inspiring life 😀

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