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I knew from the moment I decided to get together with Jeremy that I wanted to see the world with him. We started small and easy – with an all-inclusive resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. (Though, I should have known we were game for adventure when we took an overpacked collectivo with the locals to explore Tulum.) From there we tried out a cruise with Jeremy’s mom and grandma that took us around New England and Canada. Our first adventure overseas was to Nepal and a couple years later we backpacked our way through Eastern Europe and the High Tatras. And more recently we spent a couple weeks in Sayulita – Fox was just a bean in my belly. I was under the impression that we needed to get all of our travel out of the way before we had a kid. I’m glad we had our adventures, just the two of us, sure. But having a baby does not mean we’re done.

So just like our world travels, we’re starting small when it comes to our adventures with Fox. At 4 weeks old a walk around the park felt like quite the outing. Even a trip to the grocery store with a baby felt not a lot unlike navigating a foreign country.

So when it came to actually traveling we decided Fox’s first trip would be amongst friends. Something low key and easy. Last week we traveled to Asheville, NC to celebrate my 32nd birthday and the top secret elopement of Liz and Micah. As easy as we were making it on ourselves, it hasn’t been since Jeremy went back to work after a 5-week long paternity leave that we’ve spent so much uninterrupted time together as a family. And Liz and Micah have never spent so much time with a baby, period.

Not only did Fox travel like a pro, I was surprised that taking a vacation with him still felt like well … a vacation. We slept in and had slow conversations over coffee and infamous Micah breakfasts. We went to a couple of restaurants and explored downtown Asheville. We were sure to hit up the grocery store and stay in for dinner a couple nights that week. (Some of my favorite kinds of vacations are the ones that require a trip or two to the grocery store). It felt so right to be sharing a bottle of wine on the back deck of the rented house with my nearest and dearest while Fox fell into his dreams on a bed far from home.

And of course we celebrated the beginning of Liz and Micah’s marriage with an elopement under a waterfall. With me officiating and just Fox and Jeremy in attendance as best man and man of honor it was no big deal when Fox needed to be fed in the middle of the ceremony.

And then on our way back home, Fox got his first taste of true adventure when we had to spend the night in the airport spooning on a cot. By definition, adventures are what happens when the unexpected throws you off course. While normally this kind of inconvenience would be all too irritating it was kind of novel to experience it with Fox. The whole trip made me feel a bit more brave and confident about stepping out into the world with my little baby. Maybe it’s time to get him his first passport.

  1. Christy

    Breastfeeding makes everything easier!

  2. Alien Mind Girl

    Congratulations. Really, it seems like a big adventure/achievement to me. I am nervous even to take my nephew to the park, and he is 2 (we have gone to the park exactly once). You make it sound almost easy, and definitely more lovely than I imagine it to be. Plus, your photos are beautiful, as always.

    I remember traveling with my baby brother (family travel). He screamed the entire plane ride… but photos of naked baby happily playing inside the suitcase in the hotel room are priceless, and it did not seem so bad having a baby around in those quiet hours.

    Whenever I start to think having a baby might be a lovely thing to do, I have to babysit my nephew over dinner time, and then change my mind. (Putting food inside of babies is my least favorite part of baby care, I have decided. Sometimes I am tempted to put my nephew in the bathtub with a wide variety of little pieces of food, let him eat whatever he wants, assume he is full when he stops eating, then throw away the rest and give him a bath after!)

  3. Raven

    Kathleen, those moody black and white pictures are just so beautiful. Stunning. Your family is beautiful, inside & out. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us! I hope your little family has many more, whether you choose to share them or not.

  4. Congrats!

    I don’t know why everyone is convinced you can’t travel with a baby. Especially since its two on one defense, you can pretty much go anywhere (albeit not in the same way you once did). Its a different kind of travel but still rewarding. Glad to see you are getting back out there.

    Fox is just adorable!

  5. Jen

    We live 30 minutes from Asheville! What a great spot to have your first adventure! In fact, out baby girl was born May 7 and just making it there for dinner sounds amazing, even though it’s so close. You set a great example and I hope when our babe is a few months old we are on an adventure, too! And congrats to your friends. Which waterfall did they get married under?

    • Liz

      Thanks, Jen! We got married under Looking Glass Falls, a few miles outside of Brevard. It was beautiful (and easily accessible for the Shannons!).

  6. Lisa

    This is awesome! I feel like I’ve been trying to cram in all the travel, too. It’s hard to think about giving up something I love so much in order to do something else… like have a baby. Thanks for showing us we don’t really have to stop doing the things we love, maybe just rejigger them a little bit.

  7. I so want to keep a sense of adventure when I do decide to have a baby. My parents brought my siblings and I everywhere — roadtrips, camping etc.

    PS – My man and I also took our first vacation together to Playa Del Carmen! Baby steps to our next adventure….

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