The Sleep Thing

May 2, 2014



The first question I get these days from well-meaning acquaintances to strangers at the grocery store is “Are you sleeping? Is he sleeping? How is everyone sleeping?”

On one hand I can’t complain. He goes to bed without too much fuss around 7PM. He might wake up around 8 or 9PM and need to be quickly soothed back to sleep. From there he’ll wake up around 1AM, 3AM, and 5AM – we all get up for good at 6AM. On a good night (and there has only been one good night) he’ll wake up just twice to eat. And usually he falls right back into a peaceful slumber while I convince myself to not think about work and go back to sleep.

On a not-so-good night, like last night, he’ll wake up every hour hungry or with soaked jammies. So, on the other hand … I’m really tired, y’all. Each individual night is easy enough to handle – even the not-so-easy nights. It’s just 15 weeks of fragmented sleep that is making me tired on a very deep level that could probably qualify any new mom legally insane. With no end in sight.

I’ve weighed my options and there’s really not much of a solution other than going about my day – a day that is now twice as long as it used to be. So, even though on this particular morning I feel as if I might die from Tired, I have to have faith that our babies wouldn’t intentionally try and kill us, as a species, by not letting us sleep ever again.

So how am I sleeping? How is he sleeping? How are we all sleeping? Like babies, apparently.

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