Happy Father’s Day



Dear Jeremy,
I wanted to make your first Father’s Day really special. I was planning to buy you a very expensive bottle of whiskey along with a letterpressed love note. But the time I had dedicated to running errands to properly celebrate you was spent getting the car washed … and did you know that you can’t take babies into the liquor store!? So then I thought I’d wake up early and make you breakfast for a change, but per our typical routine you let me sleep in while you and Fox made our morning oats and eggs. So this is my love note to you:

You are the best dad (and husband) we could ask for. And more. Watching you love Fox is my favorite thing in the whole world. 5 months in and I can honestly say I wouldn’t want to do this parent thing with anyone but you. You are really really good at being a dad. Happy first Father’s Day. XO

  1. This is so sweet! Happy Father’s Day Jeremy!

  2. Katie F.

    Super sweet, but I’m still hung up on the liquor store thing. Really?! In Wisconsin, I think you sign on your license that you’ll let anyone in, anytime. Happy Father’s Day!

  3. I’m kind of baffled by the liquor store thing as well… wacky!

  4. Rachel

    I’m cracking up about the liquor store thing because I did it too! I took infant Jude with me in a baby carrier, not thinking anything about it, and the two employees nearly fell over dead right on the spot. I have never been helped so quickly in my life. But srsly, what was a person supposed to do? Then I felt ghetto about having my baby in a liquor store.

  5. Sarah

    How sweet! I’ve also been surprised by that liquor store policy in OKC. But in Philly, you can’t buy beer and wine in the same place, so there’s that. Happy Fathers Day, Jeremy.

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